Probably not what you thought!

If you thought this would be a blog about flowers, artwork, writing, pretty pictures or happy rainbows, I’m sorry to disappoint you.  Well, not really.  If you’re familiar with my works, then you will know there is an underlying theme of feminine empowerment, recognizing not only the struggles women face today, but how those struggles have both changed and remained the same throughout history. Recognizing where we are and where we came from gives us each power over where we will go and how to get there.

In the coming posts you will find a convergence of history, cultures, politics, world events, interviews, heroic women accomplishing amazing and inspiring feats, and even fiery condemnation for those who attempt to demean half the world’s population by suggesting or demanding subservience.

The blog isn’t exactly about feminism, but rather focuses on demanding equality and shedding light on the path, both behind and ahead, which leads to it. I hope you will take this journey with me.

I will happily review any suggestions for stories.  Send them to

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