The Misconceptions of Feminism

So, this is a blog which focuses on equal rights for women, both here in the United States of America and around the world. That means it can be considered a Feminist site. Sure, why not? I’m perfectly okay with that. Some believe accepting this would limit the number of people I can reach. Maybe. Or, maybe I can use it as a sounding board to better educate others on what Feminism is, or better yet, what it isn’t. Some say I should not delve into other political issues such as the pros and cons of gun control, immigration laws, minimum wage vs. livable wage, LGBT Rights, economic and foreign policies, or environmental laws. What do those things have to do with Feminism? Well, everything, or at least half of everything.  I do not ever pretend to speak for all women regarding their personal stances on differing issues. However, I do speak for what I believe is in the best interest of humanity. And last I checked, women were human.

Whether I agree with your viewpoint, always know, that first and foremost, I believe in your right to it and your right to voice it. Even when that is a tough pill to swallow. It does not mean I won’t engage in a logical debate. I will. My conscience demands it from me. I am never inspired by hate or malice. My views are based on contemplation, logical deduction and a hope, optimism,  that I will leave this world just a little better than I found it. It is hope for humanity.

Sometimes we see so many tragedies and injustices coming at us from every direction that our faith in humanity is threatened. With the internet and twenty-four hour world news, we see tragedies with such frequency there is a fear it may become normalized. We may stop caring bit by bit until there is no care left. It is a frightening and callous thought and it sometimes dulls the magnitude of less severely tragic injustices seen and felt from day to day. But we must strengthen our resolve, choose the battles we can fight and give our hearts to it.

There is a myth that Feminism is just about the promotion of women in society. Just like it is a myth that we no longer need the feminist movement. The core of Feminism is human equality: where men and women (including LGBT) of every race and every creed and every social identity are able to stand side by side as equals. Women cannot be equal when racism is prevalent and accepted. Women cannot be equal when LGBT rights are denied. Women cannot be equal when the poor are victimized and exploited. Women cannot be equal when religious views are legislated by lawmakers. Women cannot be equal when their water is poisoned or the air they breathe polluted.  Why can they not be equal? Because their voices are silenced. Just because they are not the only voices silenced, does not make the silence any less deafening. Feminism represents an equality between all people: rich, poor, young, elderly, male, female, LGBT, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Atheist (and all other religious ideologies). When any voice is silenced, or given preference, then we are not equals. So, feminism stands with LGBT Rights, with Racial Equality, with Religious Freedom. With sensible laws that protect the public without infringing on their individual rights. With regulating corporations and business entities to ensure that they do not place profit before public safety. With equal, fair wages for all people without regard to sex, sexual orientation, color or creed. For every human’s right to make decisions about their own bodies.

Feminism is not just about lifting women up, but rather the ultimate idea of fair play and equal regard. It is not saying that a woman can do anything a man can do, because that is a farce, a distraction. One man cannot do the same thing another man can do, so how can you say any woman can? Feminism is the ultimate idea of a world which accepts that feminine and masculine are only senses of identity and do not dictate ability, skill, fortitude, strength, or character. Each person and their capability is unique, and as such, we are all uniquely equal.

So when a feminist speaks out, she doesn’t pretend to speak for every woman, because no two women are the same. Instead, we speak for every woman’s right to be the unique individual she is, every human’s right to determine their own fate and speak with their own voice. So, male, female and LGBT, we are all

one woman, one world.

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Ann Lavendar is an author of Children's books, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Poetry, and Creative Nonfiction. She lives in Southern California with her family and fur babies and enjoys the mountain views from her writing habitat. She is a Texas Tech Alumni. Guns up! Ann has worked in the industry more than two decades with publications in magazines, newspapers, and textbooks world wide and multiple books available in print and eBook formats. She organized youth writing programs and conferences in West Texas and was the third director of the Write Right Critique Group, located in Lubbock, Texas, an organization recognized by and featured in Writers' Digest. She has also worked as an editor, including presently with LeeLoo Publishing. She has been the Literacy Day featured author for Sam's Club and Walmart and has been an invited speaker and taught workshops at multiple writers' conventions. Ann taught creative writing for adults as part of the community outreach program. Check out her work day blog Daily Write! right here on goodreads! Ann Lavendar also is an avid supporter of equal and civil rights, pushing awareness, calls to action, and encouraging legislative development in the United States and abroad. Her blog, Lavendar Thoughts, tackles issues which have direct impact on the progress of civil and human rights. She believes every person has the right to grow to their full and best potential.

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