GO SCOTUS!! A Great Day to be a Woman in the United States

Today the Supreme Court of the United States of America has been busy handing down decisions which have a direct impact on women in our country. And they made the RIGHT CHOICE. So, first, I’d like to say, Thank You! Today our freedoms were upheld and voices heard as misogynistic anti-abortion/choice laws were struck down and loopholes for domestic abusers owning firearms were closed.

The thinly veiled Texas  anti-abortion laws, which placed undue constraints and restrictions on abortion services, were struck down by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional. There are many other Conservative Held states with similar laws on the books, and even more with copy cat laws on hold, meant to enact if the Texas Laws held.  So, as you can see, the judicial decision has an impact far reaching, past the boundaries of the Lone Star State. Today our freedom of choice was affirmed, once again.

The second ruling published today closed a loophole. The court had previously rendered that misdemeanor domestic assault was grounds to deny gun ownership. However, it did not specifically include the term “reckless” assault, which would mean, by the party’s action, knew harm could come to another individual and did the action anyway, resulting in physical injury. This is opposed to intentional assault, where the person intentionally set out to hurt another individual. The biggest problem is that both are frequently listed under the same crime title. Therefore, people arrested and charged (or who plead down to a misdemeanor) will find the language for both in the charge. In the two different cases, merged for consideration, both men claimed their crime could have been considered “reckless”. This has been the loophole for people convicted of domestic assault to keep their guns. SCOTUS has rectified this, in a 6-2 decision, to determine that reckless domestic assault is included in the firearm restriction. While there are some women who are abusers, the vast majority of domestic abuse is perpetrated by men. But no matter who the abuser is, thankfully, once convicted they are no longer entitled to gun ownership. This is a law that can save countless lives.

So, again Thank You! to SCOTUS. Today you rendered decisions which ensured women are free to make choices regarding their bodies and took the guns away from convicted abusers, helping to save lives by removing these deadly weapons from people who have little regard for human life. Freedom and safety, at the same time, is definitely something to celebrate!

We are One Woman, One World.



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