Touched By Trump: Gorsuch Must Be Blocked from SCOTUS

Judge Neil Gorsuch is an imminent threat to women’s rights and the premise of equal rights and civil liberties in our nation. He has an atrocious record for siding against actual citizens in favor of corporations, exalting businesses above the stature of the people. This is another uniquely Republican idea to maintain wealth at the top and create an ever-increasing venue of poor, dejected workers who will gladly take whatever crumbs they are given, socially brainwashed into believing they should be grateful for a meager paycheck. Gorsuch has a record of opposing measures to ensure equal rights for women and minorities. He would eagerly cast the deciding vote to overturn women’s reproductive rights.  Gorsuch is everything the alt-right extremists want in a SCOTUS Justice. That means he is exactly what the majority of US Citizens would deplore.

Considering the testimony yesterday by Comey and Rogers, maybe Democrats should take a straw from the GOP hat and suggest that it looks like we will have a new president soon, so why not wait? They didn’t want to even give Obama’s nominee a hearing. At this point, anyone touched by Trump is suspect, especially considering the majority of this administration should be in jail. Sorry Gorsuch, you may have nothing to do with the the Trump Treasongate, but we cannot afford even the smallest chance of putting a foreign enemy sympathist on the Supreme Court of the United States. If all the horrible decisions you have judicially made against the interests of citizens were not enough, this, alone, disqualifies you. You’ve been touched by Trump and you can’t wash that off.


We are One Woman, One World

Ann Lavendar Truong

photo credit: Getty Images

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