A Moment to Grieve

There are so many things happening right now, I could lock onto any of them and run with it, but not today. No, not today. This day I want to take a moment to express my sorrow for those who lost their lives, were injured, and the victims’ families in San Bernardino.  As some may know, I reside in Southern California. So Cal is a wonderful place to live, full of beauty, diversity and opportunity. And sometimes sadness.

Today is not the day to politicize what happened or to call for the necessary changes to ensure no future lives are needlessly lost in the same manner. We can save that debate for another day, after we have grieved. After we catch our breath.

For now, let us express our sympathy for those lost and give encouragement and hope to those healing. Let us hold our children and be fiercely thankful for their safety. Then, tomorrow, we will take that ferocity and turn it to a world in desperate need of change.

We are One Woman, One World.

Ann Lavendar Truong