March for Science: Earth Day 2017

Okay, so I know you are probably wondering what in the world has made someone as opinionated and outspoken as I am so quiet this week. Well, it certainly is not a lack of material. In the age of Trumpaloompa and his army of orange neophytes, there is never a shortage of injustice to write about. However, this week my son and I are prepping for the March for Science coming up this Saturday. I will be broadcasting as much of it Live on Facebook as possible from San Diego. To catch that public feed you can visit my FB by clicking here .

This will be my thirteen year old son’s first time to exercise his right to protest. This march means a great deal to him, as he hopes to study Quantum Mechanics/Computing and Aerospace Engineering in the future. He sees the direction this present administration is taking away from science as harmful to not only his aspirations, but the future of humanity. (Good enough reason for me to march.)

Science is the root of what makes us human; not just literally speaking about the DNA, Chemistry, or Biology of homo sapiens, but figuratively, as well. Science captures the essence of who we are, our essential need to question everything around us, to understand how and why things happen, and to expound our knowledge by asking ever more questions. Science is about the tenacity of truth, the creativity to envision  amazing realities, about saving lives and reaching for the greater part of ourselves. Through scientific innovations we can feed the hungry, house the homeless, employ the jobless, heal the sick, clean the planet, and safely power the world. Science constantly challenges and redefines the nature of our reality.

We do not measure the evolution of civilizations or humanity by wealth, dogma, politics or religion. In fact, those are often the very elements which cause stagnation or decline. No. We are measured by our knowledge. We are measured by the questions we ask and the answers we search for. Science is our ability to build everything from structures to information highways.

But, sadly, science is also our ability to destroy. Trumpaloompa chooses to divert the funding for all the great things science can achieve. He prefers the science of destruction, the tools of war over those which promise life. Instead of funding medical research, he will expand our nuclear arsenal. Instead of funding aerospace engineering to take us to the stars, he will fund war aircraft to drop bombs. Instead of asking how to save a life, he asks how to kill an enemy. Instead of asking how to save our planet, he threatens nuclear war to destroy it.

This is why we are marching on Saturday, April 22; because science has so much more to offer humanity than new and vile ways to kill one another. We have come so far in discovering our potential. Ignorance is a cloud of darkness. I refuse to cower in those shadows. The knowledge to understand our universe and develop into a better version of ourselves is a worthy cause. A better future, a cleaner planet, a stronger, healthier and wiser humanity, for our children, is worth fighting for.

I hope, if able, you will take part or support a March for Science near you. For more information click here

We are One Woman, One World.

Ann Lavendar Truong

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