USA: Democratic Dictatorship

A form of government where the candidate is elected by popular (in this case electoral) vote but rarely or never actually enacts any policies that reflect the actual wishes of the constituency. The elected representative can either use subtle diplomacy to deflect criticism, arrange for various forms of distraction to divert public attention, or be brazen in publicly declaring that policy will be different to popular opinion. Coined by Tim Francis in 2005.

In case you are not tied into National and World Politics as I am, or you have been cowering in a corner of your local coffee shop trying to have at least one freaking day without Trump doing something either destructive or embarrassing, and if not a day, then at least get through your Caramel Frappucino: Well, this is not that day. Sorry.

On the heals of the Yate’s testimony yesterday, which by all accounts did not look good for the administration, Trump set off another bombshell. He is seriously tired of people taking this whole Russia/Treason thing seriously. He says there is nothing to it… so why won’t we all just ignore the evidence and believe him, already? Well, as any good dictator would, Trump has had enough. Today he fired FBI Director (and Republican) James Comey. You’ve heard of him. He’s the one who has been investigating Trump and his campaign’s ties to Russia and Russian operatives since last July. Yeah, that guy.

I guess the best way to end a ‘bogus’ investigation is to pink slip the guy heading it and replace him with someone who has the good decency and polite manners not to question the President of the United States. After all, he’s the POTUS, he makes all the rules and everyone has to follow them, right?

Welcome to the Dictatorship of Trump.

Make no mistake, he plans to replace Comey with someone who is willing to squash the investigation against him. With Republicans in charge of the Senate, he will get it. I fear we are devolving into a third world dictatorship where those in power are above the law. A place where civilians are prosecuted for laughing at the ruling power. The Trump administration does not only blatantly ignore the law, they flaunt their ability to do so without repercussions. This is a very dangerous sign that they do not fear future elections and that, perhaps, election interference is here to stay. After all, who is going to investigate it? A Trump appointee? The Republicans? This has not been an election cycle. This has been a coup.


We are One Woman, One World.

Ann Lavendar Truong


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