The GOP: Money, Sex, and Slavery

The fight for healthcare persists. Given eight long years to formulate a better plan for healthcare and the best the GOP can muster is a giant gift to the wealthy and a plan that would leave 23 million people without coverage, 20% higher premiums and the majority of citizens with a reduction of coverage, including tens of millions experiencing denials for preexisting conditions and the loss of reproductive healthcare for most women. Those women (you know, this HALF of the population) won’t have subsidized alternatives if they are lower income, as Planned Parenthood and its affiliates will be defunded.

The GOP plan is a misogynistic tool to put women back in their place in society. There is a backwards concept that women are inferior and should defer to men. This is another way for them to attempt to control women’s sexual behavior, by denying birth control, and punish them for sex by denying abortion, but not just that, they punish women for choosing to keep their child as well. They scream on and on about the “sanctity of life” but in every aspect of their legislative attempts, they show no love of life, no adoration for the unborn or the newborn, mothers or children. Their legislation does not seek to promote life, but to control sex.

In fact, I am starting to think these people are real perverts. Honestly! They can’t keep their brains out of our bedrooms. Why are they anti LGBT? Because they don’t like how they have sex. Why are they against abortion? Because if women have sex, they should accept pregnancy as a possible outcome. Why are they opposed to birth control measures? Same reason. If women are going to have sex, then they should expect to get pregnant. Why are they against maternity coverage? Because if women aren’t financially stable enough to pay for having a baby, maybe they shouldn’t get pregnant, which means they should not have sex. Why are they against paid maternity leave? Because they should have a husband (who makes more money than they do) to support them while they are off work. If they don’t have that support, then they should not have gotten pregnant. (aka, they shouldn’t have sex). Cuts to Medicaid mean poor people just shouldn’t breed. Now poor people should not have sex. They call pornography a public health crisis, why? Because it is about sex. Sex Sex. Sex.

Everything in the GOP agenda boils down to two things: Money and Sex. And they want to control the flow of both in our society. They want to control who has money and who is allowed to breed. With a new age of designer healthcare, infant mortality rates are expected to rise significantly, along with completely preventable deaths of mothers during childbirth. Children and adults with preexisting illnesses are gong to die because treatment is not an option for them. Thus, they will weed these undesirables from the population. They will reduce poverty by allowing the impoverished sick to die. And with the lack of accessible birth control, the healthy ones can go on to become barely educated drones working for scraps, taught to be thankful to their masters.

By controlling sex in our society, they can burden people with the manner of their conception. You’ve seen this before, like the stigma which once existed for being a bastard. Children of unmarried parents are called illegitimate. Think about that term. it tells a child they are not from a legitimate birth, that they are wrong, less deserving, less than others. What is the point of that, if not to subjugate them and classify them as inferior?

The severe cuts to education will not have much affect on middle class and no affect on the wealthy. It disproportionately targets poor communities and children with disabilities.  And how does controlling their sex lives factor into it? Well, barely educated masses are easy to contain, easy to control and distract. By not funding healthcare, they remove the weak from that community. By not supporting birth control, they ensure enough pregnancy rates in those communities to keep them bound to their poverty and, in doing so, ensure the next generation of cheap labor.

But not just cheap labor, poverty wage labor. Those who do not conform or who fight back are imprisoned and turned into free labor. Sessions’ new war on drugs which focuses the harshest punishments for the most minor crimes, seeks to fill for-profit prisons with slaves, stolen from low income communities. There is a reason why the GOP so vigorously fights against raising the minimum wage. Poverty ensures petty crime and crime ensures cheap labor and free labor. Slave labor.

Yes. You read that right. It is the Alt Right’s new technique of slavery and domination. Except the people don’t even realize they are slaves. Instead, they are criminals, drug addicts, or just poverty stricken trying to survive. The technique plays into class warfare, which uses birth status to keep people in the classes they belong, with a dominantly white upper class, a majority white middle class and people of color making up the bottom rank majority. But that only works if they can shame people for illegitimate births. It only works if sex is taboo and a function of socially designed couples. And, of course, they cannot socially design appropriate couples if women are free and equal. They must recreate a society where women are dependent, as well. Welcome to the new White Supremacy movement.

So maybe they aren’t just sex perverts, after all. Maybe there is much more to it than that.

Resist. Our freedom depends upon it.

We are One Woman, One World.

Ann Lavendar-Truong

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