Honor and Sacrifice and Responsibility

Today we honor our soldiers lost; those who gave theirs lives for their country. These soldiers did not have to believe in the conflict. Some volunteered and some were sent, but every one of them answered the call and stayed any question of why. To honor them, it is our duty to hold those who send our brave men and women into combat responsible for every life. Is it fair to hold our politicians responsible for the weight of every death? For every ounce of blood spilled in lives which will never return? Yes. When they stand to support or oppose acts of war or conflict, our leaders should feel the weight of every sacrifice and the grief that comes with every soldier who does not come home to his or her family. They should feel consumed and crushed beneath the magnitude of sacrifice as if it were their own grief. Some battles must be fought. Sometimes we must accept the inevitable death of war to ensure safety and freedom. But only through feeling that pain and loss can we ever assure the veracity of that decision. When wars are fought for resources and money, then our soldiers are treated like expendable toys. The best way to honor our soldiers is to recognize that their sacrifice does not equate to supporting the political cause. Their country called and they answered. We must hold political leaders responsible for their decisions, and do so without undermining the bravery of those who gave everything, who no longer have a voice, but whose silence should be our conscience.

We are One Woman, One World.

Ann Lavendar-Truong

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