What a week!

Wow. Just…WOW.

Gone is any cloud of uncertainty. Trump’s campaign intentionally and knowingly set a meeting they believed was to acquire intelligence from the Russian government, from someone they believed was representing the Russian government, to be used against a political opponent to undermine a free election. And this is what they have admitted to.

No matter how they try to downplay it, that is corrupt and illegal. Far beyond the kiddy pool of mere collusion, they dove right into the deep end of treason.

Here is the the thing the Trump people don’t seem to understand, intent is everything. It matters not if they actually received the information they were hoping for in that meeting. And we only have the word of those people in that meeting that no information was exchanged. (not even all of them agree) They very well may have just spoken about adoptions, but that doesn’t mean information wasn’t passed between them by nonverbal methods. In fact, today’s latest shoe to drop (and you have to wonder just how many feet these people have, and how many shoes) says there was a file delivered to the Trump campaign in a folder that, according to Rinat Akhmetshin (the former Soviet Counter-Intelligence Officer who has been accused in the past of hacking sensitive information and leaking it and so happened to also be at that meeting), contained sensitive information implicating the Democratic Party in illicit funding. Akhmetshin told the Associated Press (not fake news) that Natalia Veselnitskaya told Trump, Jr. the folder contained information which showed the “flow of illicit funds to the Democratic National Convention.”

So, there is this account by a “former” Soviet agent, which appears to disagree with whether or not information was exchanged.

In the end, even if nothing was received, or if something was received and not used, it does not matter. The whole point here was intent. Intent. Intent. Intent.

If you try to murder someone, but you suck at it and can’t kill them, you still committed a crime. You still had intent.

If the only reason Junior didn’t actually commit treason is because his attempt to do so failed, he is still guilty of conspiring to commit treason. Which is a treasonous act in and of itself.

Don’t be distracted. It does not matter who else  Natalia Veselnitskaya met with while she was in New York, nor what committee she was a guest at. Those things have no bearing on Donny Boy Junior or his cohorts. Why? Because from the onset, he believed he was meeting with a representative of Russia with Russian intelligence to give to him in pursuit of Russian efforts to support Donald Trump’s campaign for the White House. Period. Those are the undeniable facts. It does not matter if he received anything. He intended to receive it. He intended to use it. He did not call the FBI as he is required to do, by law.

And much to the contradiction of President Trumpaloompa, Junior did exactly the opposite of what most Americans would have done when given the choice between treason and being a law abiding, patriotic citizen. Junior gleefully chose treason.

Now, if you think this stops at the son’s doorstep, think again. Initially Trump (the senior) acted surprised and claimed to have no knowledge of that meeting until just a few days ago. He has since walked that back a good bit, stating that the meeting, “may have come up,” at some point, but still denying he knew what it was supposed to be about. What does this shift mean? Well, if Trump’s past behavior is any clue (and it always is) then this means he did, in fact, have knowledge of the meeting. If he knew about the meeting, he would have certainly wanted to know what it would be about. He may have even listened in. His public shift means he is afraid there may be evidence floating around somewhere which will show he did have knowledge, that he was informed, and he is afraid it will surface.

This collusion goes all the way to the top. We have finally achieved the worst fears of our forebears and elected a traitor, a puppet, as our leader. And Trump is the worst kind of puppet there is. A volatile one. He is easy to manipulate: Easy to persuade with flattery; Easy to provoke. I fear it is the latter which interests Putin the most.

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