From the cradle to Putin’s hands; and we aren’t talking adoption

Last November, before the election, I began connecting dots on Trump and Putin. Primarily, I looked at why Putin would want Trump in power in the first place. Putin, being the world’s premier super-villian, cunning, intelligent and patient, had to have real reason to want Trump in office. You can recap on that post here: From Russia, with Love.

In every way I looked at it, Russia would benefit from war. And it had mutiple scenarios to make that happen. But it can’t be just any war. China is the key. China must either remain neutral or side against the United States. The angle I sited in the article seemed the most logical at the time; use Trump to destabalize our relationship with China, undermine our trade agreements or even default on our debt. Those were the most obvious angles and certainly ones Trump, himself, touted along the campaign trail.

But his Orange Highness has proven inept at leading. Congress has out maneuvered him, his own party I might add, to limit his authoritarian rise. Trump was not even capable of lifting sanctions against his good pal, Vlad. He has been handicapped by coruption, investigation, ineptitude, and scandal. The likelihood he could manage destroying our trade and debt agreement wth China is pretty much nil.

But there is another way to place China firmly against us. It is a messier prospect, but one you can see has a high chance for success. We could attack North Korea unprovoked. By unprovoked, I mean they won’t attack us first, not that their loud mouth dictator waved his fist, called us names and made idle threats.

While it may be true that North Korea now has some nuclear capabilities, they pose a much greater threat to nations in their region than to our homeland. They know full well we could obliterate them so they are not likely to be launching anything our way. North Korea wants to puff out its chest and look like a big boy country so it doesn’t have to sit at the kiddy table any more. Kimmy-boy wants to be taken seriously.

So it looks like Putin has moved to plan B to motivate war. Make no mistake, Russia will not be our ally. And once they come to the aid of North Korea, and sides are firmly drawn, they will maneuver into place and unleash hell.

Trump is a political infant, incapable of seeing the larger raminfications or possibilities of his actions. He reacts to every stimuli thrown at him and is easily manipulated. And the Putin double cross, abandoning Trump, which also had to happen, was right on cue. So far, everything has been right on schedule, pushing the world closer and closer to the brink of war. A war that benefits Russia and would leave it as the world’s dominant super power, in control of the majority of the world’s oil resources and backed by the manufacturing power and wealth of China.  A new world order. And Trump’s baby hands are handing it to him. Can we impeach this guy already, before it is too late?

We are One Woman, One World.

Be safe. Resist.