Is this really freedom of speech, or is it terrorism?

On Saturday, August 12, The nation witnessed an atrocity. It was deplorable enough to see a gathering of White supremacist bigots feeling all warm and cozy enough in today’s political and social setting to have a big, old fashioned, torch carrying rally and march, but the scene turned to true a horror of violence as anti-bigot protestors were attacked and killed. The last update I saw said more than thirty-five injuries and three dead.

Now, if anyone else had done this, besides white men, it would be called terrorism. This was the best our so-called president could muster:

 5h5 hours ago

They want to instill fear. That is the goal. In fact, that is the whole point of all those Southern Civil War monuments littering the South. Did you think it was to honor traitors who rebelled and fought against their own nation? Guess again. They were erected as a symbol of defiance to the government and a reminder to minorities of who was still in charge, that they were still the masters. They were symbolic of bigotry and a false sense of importance. They should be torn down. They were not heroes. They were traitors.
Charlottesville is proof that every single one of these monuments should be demolished. There should be no praise for terrorists in our nation. There should be no monuments for them to rally around. Their flags should be banned. Every member should be treated as a member of a terrorist organization.
Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe was correct hen he said these Nazi demonstrators had intended to hurt people, and that they did hurt people. They killed people. It was their intent. And this intent has been brewing for some time, all across the country, as people have been both verbally and physically assaulted by white supremacists who actually believe they have a green light from Trump to do as they please. They have even promoted arming for another civil war, if necessary. These people are terrorists. These are terrorist organizations. They should and must be treated as such.
We must work decisively to shut this down, once and for all. The subjugation of races beneath a “superior race” is not a political agenda or ideology. It is a radical, terrorist plot to overthrow our nation’s government and supplant it with a system wich would mean these pieces of white trash can feel better about themselves because they are white and that makes them better than anyone wo isn’t white. That is literally what we are talking about. We are talking about people who are literally such pieces of shit that the only thing they can feel as an accomplishment is being born white.
These rallies and marches and gatherings have no other purpose than seeking to hurt others. The entire intent is the hope to harm other races. Believe it or not, taking away someone’s freedom is considered doing them harm. Running down people who do not agree with your bigotry over with a car is definitely doing them harm.
These people are not patriots. They do not love the United States. They have no belief in our constitution or our freedoms. They are worse than traitors, they are terrorists committing crimes against our people in the hopes to spread fear. That’s what terrorism is, after all, acts of violence with the intent to spread fear and thus obtain an objective either politically or socially.
White supremacists are terrorists and should be hunted down and imprisoned as such. They are promoting terror and violence among and against our citizens. This is not a protected speech. This is not a protected political or religious ideology. If you are promoting white supremacy, you are promoting terrorism against our nation and our diverse population.
For all those who march for real reasons, for women’s rights, civil right, LGBT rights, none of these are asking for more than anyone else, just equality. Women, LGBT and minorities are not asking to be treated better than white men. They are not asking to be paid more. They seek equality in education, labor and justice. Only the white supremacists seek to belittle others. Only these Nazis and Nazi-like organizations seek superior treatment over others. They have not been oppressed, they are the remnants of the oppressors bitterly seeking the control they feel has been lost.
And this is no new tactic. This is the old standard for the KKK. This is cross burnings, torches, lynchings, beatings, killings… They have always been terrorists. It is time they were treated as the criminals that they are.
We are One Woman, One World.
Stay safe.
Be heard.