To those against investigating Trump:

Donald Trump is under investigation because he lied, and all the people around him lied, and about things like dealing with foreign agents. He is under investigation because of his actions and to ensure, one way or the other, that we know what happened. If he breaks the law he deserves what he gets. I am all for holding every politician accountable for their actions, Republican or Democrat.
Trump has filled his cabinet with swamp monsters enriching themselves at OUR expense. That is a fact. And after claiming to you that he would drain the swamp, look at who he has appointed, repeatedly. Look at how many times he has lied to YOU.
You may be perfectly fine with him lying to you all the time, but I am not. You may be perfectly fine with him lining his pocket at tax payer expense, but I am not. You may be fine with his serious violations of campaign finance law, and we aren’t talking about accidental or record keeping mistakes or a contribution that was incorrectly labeled which would just result in a fine and happens from time to time. I could understand those things. No. We are talking about actual conspiracy to commit a felony, and then committing that felony while knowingly discussing exactly how to hide his tracks on it. It was not a clerical error, a bookkeeping error, or even someone who just didn’t completely understand and filed it wrong. It was an outright intentional felony. You may not care about that, but do not pretend you are about law enforcement if you want to look the other way.
Brave men and women put their lives on the line every single day to uphold our laws. Every Day! Those laws have to mean something. They can’t just apply to the lower classes. They can’t just apply to the poor and the middle class. This isn’t a parking ticket. FFS, they are throwing people and children in prisons at our border for a MISDEMEANOR while our POTUS is caught committing felonies? If you commit a felony, what happens to you? If you are a veteran do they say you served your country so you should be let off? No, they throw your guilty ass in jail.
If we do not hold our political leaders to at least the same threshold of laws as our citizens, then we no longer have a government of the people at all. Then, we have rulers vaguely veiled by the pretense of elections. Get it? Many of you fought for this country. Did you fight for it to allow our democracy to die? Killed from the inside while an impassioned mob screams to make them great again?
Democracy doesn’t die quietly. It dies with the cheers and applause of people who think they are getting their way and will be the last to realize what they lost. So you can think what you want, but for so long as you don’t care about the rule of law, your opinion means nothing. You will just be a cheerleader for the demise of everything I hold sacred.
And I will keep fighting for your freedom no matter how much you don’t like it. No matter how much you will never appreciate or understand that.
Do you teach your children that if another person commits a crime it is okay for them to do it, too? I didn’t. So how is this considered a legitimate excuse for Trump committing crimes? There is no excuse for crimes, period.
We know for a fact our elections were compromised and that Russian agents were able to access the voter registrars in many states. It has now been proven that many of our polling locations, themselves, were at risk. The House and the Senate had bi-partisan support to fund and implement new security measures to help secure our election processes and the White House, TRUMP, came out against it without explanation. The White House squashed it, why? That is a serious question. With absolute knowledge that our process has been compromised, the White House does not want action taken immediately to circumvent it. Think about that.
Stop thinking partisan. Where is your allegiance? To our country or to your party? It cannot be both. It is not the same thing.
You can call me names, be mad, whatever you want. But I will keep working and fighting for you. For our kids. For my family, whether they appreciate it or not.
The law matters. It is why I wanted Bill Clinton held responsible for his actions. And he was. He was investigated to all ends on far less implication and a much lower standard. But I am okay with that. Hillary Clinton was investigated over and over and over again, and all those investigations ultimately came to the same conclusion. You don’t even want to hold POTUS to the same scrutiny as you held Hillary?
When were you upset about them investigating her regarding Benghazi? The first investigation? The second? The third? The fourth? The fifth? The sixth? 9/11 had less investigations. Iran/Contra had less investigations. Watergate had less investigations. Bill had less investigations. And she wasn’t even the president or even the only person making the decisions, but she was the only one investigated. Over and over. But you are okay with that over just the suspicion she might have had a what? Another motivation?
Yet we have the POTUS outright committing a felony, caught on tape, with the purpose of influencing his election and an administration and campaign riddled with contacts and meetings with a foreign government that, lo and behold, we know for a fact initiated and executed an illicit campaign to disrupt our election in the favor of Trump. How can we NOT investigate that? Especially when all these people intentionally LIED about those meetings repeatedly until they were caught. Then they just didn’t remember? Did they commit perjury and crimes to hide innocuous events? Seriously?
Take the Trump Tower meeting. Have you looked at what Trump has said about that? Really? it started out that it never happened. Then it wasn’t with Russians. Then it was about adoptions and Trump had no knowledge until after the news broke. Then it was Trump crafting the false response to the public. All along it was denying collusion. Then the emails surfaced. Now even the president admits the purpose of the meeting was to meet with a foreign agent to obtain dirt on his political opponent. That’s a crime even though he tries to say it isn’t. And the truth is, all we have is Trump’s word that no information was passed. And that has been disputed, as one person who attended that meeting states otherwise and says they were delivered a folder. Do I believe that? I don’t know. You don’t know. And honestly, it doesn’t really matter because the POTUS made it clear their intent was to take information if it was useful. That is why they were there. That is willful collusion. That is a willful criminal act against our nation.
Very illegal. The emails prove that they knew going into the meeting that it was to discuss Russian government support for Trump’s campaign. And they lied about that until they were caught. The story keeps changing every time they are caught in a lie. So if you think there is no reason to be investigating collusion with a foreign government, then you are intentionally and willfully ignoring our duty as citizens to demand accountability. You are a willful accomplice to the degradation of our democracy. You are a cheerleader to the demise of our rule of law. Is that your intent?
Any rational, non partisan person can see the need to investigate this. I was a moderate leaning Republican until the Tea Party take-over, when the party just went places I could not go and that I felt were counter to the base premise of conservatism. (Less government mandates on my personal decisions and lower spending) Now the Republicans spend as much or more than Democrats and they want far more intrusive laws to ensure that they only allow my personal decisions that they agree with. I don’t want to live in a theocracy. This is why I left the party. We should not be loyal to our party. We should be loyal to our nation, but that does not mean loyalty to crooked politicians who think they are above the law.
Mueller isn’t even a democrat at all. The majority of Americans want the investigation because the rule of law matters. Does it matter to you? If it matters when it comes to Clinton, then why doesn’t it matter when it is the POTUS? Explain that.
Trump’s campaign conspiring to collude with a foreign government to influence our “free” election is actual treason. Do you think Russia is offering something for nothing? Does it not, at the very least, put Trump in the position of being blackmailed by his former KGB Russian counterpart? Did you ever think about that? Have you really ever thought about that? To the veterans reading this, when you were serving and willing to give your life for this country, was it for this? Was it so the POTUS could put himself or our nation in that position? He has betrayed your service.
So go ahead, be his cheerleader. Turn your back on your country because by dismissing these things, that is what you are doing. I am supporting my country by demanding answers. There has been zero evidence that Mueller’s investigation has been anything other than impartial and a search for facts. Evidence. Not talking head conjecture. Nothing. just posturing on the part of Trump and his cronies suggests otherwise. But there is NO EVIDENCE he has been unfair, partisan or bias. In fact, he has uncovered a great deal of corruption and our nation is better served by it.
Powerful people do not have the right to break our laws. You can pick Trump’s side if you want, but my side is the American people. I couldn’t give a crap about party in this. It is a clear and present danger to our nation if our POTUS is seriously compromised by a hostile foreign government. Do you get that? This is not an issue where reasonable people can disagree. Reasonable people say let it be investigated and see what we find.
Here is a newsflash for you. There is no “version of the truth” where it is okay to commit felonies or where it is okay to work with a foreign government to undermine our election process. Despite what this administration would have you believe, truth is truth. And the law is the law. If you support the rule of law on the streets of our nation, then you should support it in the most powerful places of our government. Without it, we are no longer free. Without those laws, we are ruled and subservient. If we are unable to hold those in public trust accountable for circumventing our deliberated laws meant to keep their power in check and our nation free from undue and corrupt influences, then we have lost everything but the semblance of democracy. And it is dying at the cheers of crowds too disillusioned by promises of their own greatness to look any further than the compliments lavished upon them.
You can agree on some of Trump’s policies and still see the logic in this investigation. Liking his policy should not equate to ignoring the law or his breaking of the law being an acceptable exchange.
And to those who want to ignore Trump’s potential crimes because they dislike Pence: you are no better. I don’t like Pence, either. I am positive I would not like 99% of anything he would do. Policy wise, I think he would elect to turn our country backwards and represent only a small segment of our population. But that does not change my position on Trump. Period. If I were willing to ignore Trump’s crimes because I do not like Pence, then I am a traitor to the rule of law. Then, I am a traitor to our democracy. Then, I am a willing accomplice that we should turn a blind eye to corruption because we don’t like a political alternative. It would mean I am okay with corrupt politicians and a separate set of standards. It would mean I no longer believe in a government by the people for the people. Whether or not I like Pence is completely separate on this issue. I am not willing to sacrifice the integrity of our democracy and what that means simply because I do not like a politician. What I will do, should Pence be forced into office, is protest unjust policies. I will continue to fight for a free nation which recognizes the rights of everyone and treats all people with equal consideration under the law. That is what I will do.
So where do you stand? Why do you stand there? Why don’t you want to know the extent of this corruption? Why does that scare you so much? It should scare you, but it really does matter why. Are you just afraid it will hurt your party and its influence? Because I’m afraid of the damage which may have been caused to our nation as a result of these crimes. Now you tell me, who is the patriot? Who is actually putting their country first?
Demand better. Seek justice. We just want the truth.
Truth is truth.
We are One Woman, One World.
Ann Lavendar Truong

The Simple Truth

Hello everyone! Me again. Today I’ll be pretty quick and to the point. There seems to be much ado right now about what is truth. And I’ve been sitting, thinking, and pondering how to approach it.  Truth is, in reality many things, but not necessarily all of them at the same time.

Truth is gritty.
Truth is uncomfortable.
Truth is not always pleasant.
Truth is often difficult to hear and hard to accept.
Truth is freedom from deceit. 
Truth is impartial and doesn't care about your prejudices.
Truth has no race, religion or sexual orientation.
Truth can be difficult to speak.
Truth is simply what is or was.
Truth is stationary and has no opinion.
Truth is not a compromise because it cannot be changed.
Truth is freedom from deceit.
Truth is neither transparent nor hidden.
Truth cannot be false.
Truth is infallible and doesn't depend on how many people believe it.
Truth is unaltered by your opinion.
Truth is what happened, not how you feel about it.
Truth is simply what is true.

So, when is truth not the truth?


Don’t be confused because lies are pretty. Lies tell us what we want to hear. Lies bolster a preconceived idea and placate, rather than challenge. Lies are meant to feed you a deception you will enjoy and distract you from an unpleasant truth. But no matter how often a lie is repeated, it can never be true. It will always be a lie. It will always be a deception. The truth has no opinion. It simply is true.

Be vigilant.


We are One Woman, One World.

Ann Lavendar Truong

photo credit: NBC News, Meet the Press