Moments of silence…

It took some days for my mind to wrap around and digest the tragedy Friday night in Orlando. I know this is a blog focusing on just one part of the greater human equality movement, however, I need to, in some small token because I am only one person sitting on the opposite coast, to say I am so sorry for all those who were lost and injured, their friends and families. Lives cut short or forever traumatized because of a man’s intolerant hate, because he found refuge for that hate to nurture it in extremist ideology. And now, they are gone, without purpose or reason and without remorse from the man who, so coldly snatched them from our presence. There are many things to talk about in the coming months, inquiries  into how this happened and how it can be prevented in the future. But today is not that day, not quite yet. The pain too new, the details unrevealed, undiscovered. The fear too present and the shock has yet to subside. It is not yet time to compare this with other tragedies, quote statistics and certainly not the time to use it for political posturing. It is time to remember these beautiful people, grieve the futures lost, the families broken and bring comfort to the injured. Before we embark, as a people, on the quest to ensure this does not happen again, we need to breath. Reflect. Consider how delicate our lives are and how precious that makes our freedoms. That is our moment of silence, the inner reflection of mourning tragedy before beginning the pursuit of justice or igniting the wheels of change.

Sleep well, dear, precious souls. May you find the eternity you hoped for across the veil.

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  1. Well said. The politicians should read this and learn. I am sad for the victims and their families. My soul feels the disturbance in the universe. Yes very sad indeed. Thanks for the insight. You certainly know how to put the feeling to words.

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