From Russia, With Love

There has been a great deal of activity in the world with regards to Russia, and it has not just happened over the last few months. Make no mistake, Vladimir Putin is a legendary scaled authoritarian who rules with cunning intelligence and extreme patience. The former KGB officer is well versed in planting seeds and cultivating them into opportunities. In light of so many recent revelations and testaments to Trump’s ties with Russia, it is more than fair to ask: Is Donald Trump one of Putin’s seedlings?  And it is better to ask that question today than a week from now.

I began to suspect a direct Kremlin tie to Russia some time ago, however, without enough research, it was largely speculation and a hunch. But hunch sounds a lot like super-spy conspiracy whack job theories based off the plot of a B grade movie when you start linking the Presidential Nominee of a major party, his wife (the potential FLOTUS) and his campaign chair and advisers to Cold War styled Russian Espionage and manipulation. That wouldn’t make me sound like a nutcase at all! (insert sarcasm, please).  I am actually quite a sensible and logical person, so I knew if this was really bothering me, I should try checking it out, and preferably before I told anyone with ready access to a straight jacket and a vacant, padded room.

I started out not by looking at Trump, per se. Instead, I looked at Putin. Now, when we do research, we tend to go about it by means we can understand and relate to. I am an author. I write various genres of fiction under several pseudonyms. Why is that important? Because I create worlds and in those worlds, I create villains. My favorite kind of villains are intelligent ones. I like a bad guy with whom readers can identify and relate to, ones where people can see the logic of their choices. I love a patient villain who meticulously accounts for every rational probability; who carries their own absolute sense of justice and morality. Their viewpoint is a product of their experience and it is their dedication and intelligence which takes them beyond the criminal and into true villainy. Vladimir Putin is a true, living, breathing,  embodiment of a real life villain. It would be difficult to cultivate a fictional character so well developed and honed as the leader of Russia. And I understand, where I come from, that is a seriously backhanded compliment. But the truth is that Putin cultivated his rise to power and has been putting everything in place to be exactly where he is right now for well over two decades. He does nothing rashly. Every move he makes is accounted for and to serve a purpose. He is the ultimate chess player and he is moving the world around like pawns. And what does it look like all this is coming to? What do you find at the end of almost every scenario from his actions? In almost every direction, you find war.

You may think Russia wanting war is stretching things, but I’d argue this is the easiest conclusion to draw. They illegally moved into Crimea. They continually break ceasefire agreements. They claim the area is disputed territory. They move into Syria. They increase their oil production and give OPEC a big, fat “I don’t care what you think.” They move military, masses of military, to strategic locations threatening Europe. They began practicing drills for nuclear attacks on their country. They increased state supported cyber attacks on the United States and allies, leaving an obvious trail of breadcrumbs leading back to them. They want us to know it is them. They hack government agencies. They send influxes of spies. They have even attempted, and succeeded to a large degree, to interfere in the democratic process of the United States. They have openly called ustheir enemy and even called their diplomats home. They push and push and push, ever more working the popular opinion towards one of hostility. Putin is smart. Very smart. He knows the U.S. will not go to war unprovoked, and even then, it must have the support of politicians and the public.

Well, the next question I have to ask is, Why? What would Russia have to gain from war? Well, let’s take a look at that!

Take a look at this map:


See that little red circle I drew there.. that is Crimea, you know, that chunk of the Ukraine that Russia, in 2014, just decided should be theirs, so they moved in and still haven’t left. Nice location, isn’t it?

Now take a look at this map:


This is an Historical map of the Soviet Union. This is what it looked like before the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact Nations

Now, don’t be confused because not all of these are pink. All of this area answered to Mother Russia and its Communist Party. So, in short, Russia controlled a lot more real estate. And just how does this apply? Well, if we are in a state of war, Russia can quickly sweep right through and reclaim all of this territory, before we could do much about it.

But then I wondered, why are they preparing for  nuclear attack? They certainly know we aren’t about to unleash Hell on earth. It had to be more than just instilling fear among his own population and, by proxy, the world. It had to be more than simple fear mongering. Putin is far too smart.  Then I looked at Syria.


Do you see it there? it’s the purple one situated on the Mediterranean Sea, just beneath Turkey and neighboring Iraq. If you were interested in Middle Eastern oil resources, Syria is an excellent strategic staging point.

Oh, I know, these are Muslim countries, and Russia most certainly would have learned from their disastrous attempts to occupy Afghanistan, that this simply can’t be done. And you are absolutely right, the people would fight to their last man, woman and child. But this brought me back to the nuclear bomb raid tests conducted in Russia. What would draw a nuclear attack on their homeland, almost guarantee it? Well, maybe if you had launched one, it might get other countries in the mood.

No, I do not think Russia would launch any serious nuclear attack against the United States. Why? Because we are far way and they have little to gain from it, since we have excellent defense systems. No, they would want something that gives them an advantage, something useful. Oil is useful. If you control enough of it, you can shape much of the power in the world. If you are sitting where Russia is and if you have an arsenal of nuclear weapons (far cleaner than those dropped on Japan) and you place little to no value on the lives of religious people who have been a thorn to you for decades… and you are already at war… the most strategic place to drop your bombs is across the Middle East, wiping out the would-be adversaries who are likely supplying your enemy with much needed resources. Boom. Just like that. They are gone. Within a few months, the radiation is all but gone and Russia can have people rebuilding the oil fields. The indigenous populations would be decimated. The small bands of rebels which may survive would be powerless, without funding or even a people to fight for.

Frightening prospect. And if this were the mastermind plan of an arch villain, the next question to ask is: Why Trump?

Sure, he is bombastic and easy to rile and manipulate. But that just really didn’t seem like quite enough. Oh sure, the manipulation factor is paramount, but Putin has to have something more. I can’t believe he’d put all his beans into the deplorable basket simply because he knows The Donald can be incited with a tweet. And honestly, I don’t believe he would stake his whole plan on Trump, anyway. But still, there has been considerable effort placed to influence this election in Trump’s favor and we must ask: Why?

So I started looking at the Trump campaign. Not the Russian influences that are absurdly evident, not even the ones which may be placed with ultimate finesse. (We’ll visit that one later) I looked to the Trump policies which might benefit Russia and how.  Of course, there is Trump’s flattery of Putin, which I am sure means less than nothing to good old Vlad. There is the anti Muslim sentiment. It makes a nice distraction for the United States, but doesn’t really help the Motherland. The anti immigrant policies help to weaken our stature with other countries. The isolationist ideology helps separate us from allies. Still, those seem more like perks easily overcome if needed. What else? Then I got to China. Trump wants to make serious changes to our agreements with China. Hmmmm… ding ding ding!

Now think about this. China owns a significant amount of U.S. debt. While that sounds bad to us on the surface, what it actually does is give China a vested interest in the growth of our economy. China does not wish to see the U.S. destabilized because it has a negative affect on their income. When you are talking about a world economy, sometimes a debt can be an asset. In this scenario, were Russia and the U.S. to go to war, China would likely remain neutral because they have no vested interest in Russia’s success and have more to gain selling goods as a third party with their huge manufacturing power. They are too close, especially ideologically, to side against Russia unless there is some serious grade diplomatic maneuvering going on. However, should Trump manage to toss out our trade agreements with China and default on that debt, China has more to gain by supporting Russia. This is the angle which is most productive for Putin. Trump can be goaded or manipulated into making poor foreign policy decisions regarding China and effectively handing Russia the most valuable ally on the planet. The turn around would cripple the U.S. and Western based markets, leaving us with little ability to wage any large scale war, even to bring to justice for genocide.

We would also lose the manufacturing power of China. We would rather have China neutral than set against us in the event of a war. And the only way to maintain some control over China is to play what they love best, money. For so long as they are invested in the stability and growth of our economy (expertly achieved through trade and debt agreements) we maintain a measure of control and, more importantly, safety. Don’t think for a minute that China was tricked. They weren’t. They knew exactly what they were buying into, which is why the deal had to be sweet enough for them to sign on. While people stomp their feet, wave their fists and complain about how unfair to the U.S. this China trade deal is, they have failed to think of anything beyond themselves and the true complexity of the world to understand the genius of it. This deal is what has prevented a China-Russia world domination alliance and it is because those orchestrating our foreign policy recognized a significant difference between the governments of China and Russia. Putin wants power for Russia, to be the world power. China, however, sees power in money. They know they have more people and enormous manufacturing capacity. And they care about their bottom line. This realization and the foresight to act upon it was brilliant. Yet, it only takes one orange man easily manipulated or, worse, instructed to tear that alliance apart. Should that happen, China has far more to gain from assisting a rising dominant power, who has also secured considerable wealth by taking over a large segment of the world’s easily accessible oil fields. Suddenly the balance of world power has shifted. Hint: We would not be at the top of it.

Now, I know, we have heard a lot of talk about Trump being erratic and the thought of him in charge of the nuclear codes as horrifying. Certainly he would retaliate, launch an arsenal of nukes over Russia and obliterate them. Right? Sounds plausible, I guess. But, in honesty, Trump is a bully who spends a lot of time pretending he has more power than he has, and more courage. In truth, he is like all other bullies. He is a coward hiding behind a tough-faced mask. I doubt he would launch nuclear missiles if Russia did not overtly strike us. Which they won’t. They are too smart. The nukes they are preparing for are from places like Iran, Pakistan, Israel, etc.. The West will not be overly eager to launch their nukes even after witnessing the genocide of the Middle East. They will know that if they strike, there will be retaliation and the result will be global nuclear war.

Trump, being a coward who is always afraid of altercations he cannot win and anything that puts himself at risk (draft dodger comes to mind) is far more likely to accept Putin’s terms than someone with real foreign policy experience. In fact, it may not even be left to chance. In light of the recent revelation of a former soviet counter-intelligence officer (spy) it has been claimed that Russia has had information to blackmail and has been in control of Trump for many years.

Sound far fetched? Guess again. Russia is long known for this particular technique, and it did not always work in their favor. The KGB once attempted to blackmail the Indonesian President, Sukarno. On a diplomatic trip to Moscow, he had a good time with a few Russian beauties, who also happened to be operatives posing as flight attendants, and unknowingly became the star of his own porno orgy flick. KGB agents brought him in and showed him the video, expecting a humiliated  man more than ready to cooperate with them. Instead, the foreign leader decided it was a gift and asked for copies to show in movie theaters across Indonesia. He claimed his people would be proud of his prowess.

Despite the one off scenario, a great many dignitaries and wealthy, powerful people have been subject to Russia’s blackmail campaign. If Trump were making trips to Russia, there is little doubt they would attempt to gain some leverage over him. And he did make trips to Russia. And, well, let’s face it, Trump’s known philandering and questionable (at best) morals regarding sex and women, young women, makes him a pretty easy target. The Donald would be no match for one of their elite Illegals. ‘Illegals’ is the American name for the Russia’s SVR program of elite spies specifically trained for sexual encounter operations. These typically result in some form of blackmail, but Russia would never say no to a very well placed operative.  The women are beautiful, highly intelligent and enter countries under various disguises, as businesswomen, socialites, models, and even housewives or entertainers. They were (are) typically identified fairly young and well trained both in sex and politics. While their families would not be privy to the knowledge their daughter was becoming a soviet sex spy, they would find themselves in better circumstances most frequently, and the women, in exchange, were promised a life of privilege and adventure. What did the government look for? Well, exceptional beauty, intelligence and an affinity for languages.

Hey! I know someone like that!  Yeah, I’m gonna go there.

Melania Trump, previously Melania Knauss, was born Melanija Knavs in Slovenia, which was part of Yugoslavia in 1970. Her father was a registered member of the Communist Party. In case you are not all into modern historical geopolitical science, Yugoslavia was not technically part of the USSR, but was essentially Soviet because it was heavily dominated by the Soviet Union, which controlled the ruling communist/socialist party in Slovenia until 1991. Melanija was recognized young as an exceptional beauty with the grades and linguistic talent to match. Here in the states, many people falsely assume Melania Trump is just a pretty face and hot body but seldom give her any credit for keen intelligence. After all, why would such a beautiful, intelligent woman subject herself to nude photographs and escort services? This is a woman who speaks five languages, appears to have no dating or relationship history prior to Donald, but had no problem posing for lesbian inspired pornographic photo shoots for male fantasy magazines.  And let’s not forget that upon leaving Slovenia for Milan, her first modeling agency was run by Paolo Zampolli, which just so happens to be the man who introduced Melania to her famous husband.

Now, am I saying Mrs. Trump is a Soviet Spy, one the highly select “Illegals” trained by the SVR and planted in a fantastic spot to tag along with the braggadocios, self-proclaimed billionaire who likes to rub shoulders with every truly powerful person he can manage to squeeze himself into the room with? Even without a presidential bid, Melania would be excellently placed. And let’s face it, she is entirely too smart for a man like Trump who sees nothing past her body and pretty face. But no, I am not saying she is, just that given all the unlikely circumstances, it is questionable and her parents did somehow come into a very comfortable living long prior to her hooking up with the Donald.

Aside from Melania, there have been other Russian or Russian sympathetic influences surrounding the Trump campaign, like his previous Campaign Chairman, Paul Manafort. Manafort has aided Russian Sympathizers and Sympathetic foreign leaders and is reported to have been receiving money from Russian related sources even while acting as Trump’s Campaign Chair. The last allegation was the reason Manafort stepped down from that position but he remains a close adviser. There are additional advisers with close relationships to Russia, such as Retired General Michael Flynn, whose has had close proximity to Putin, and financial adviser Michael Cage. Cage was formerly the head of the Meryll Lynch offices in Moscow. And then, there is Michael Caputo. Caputo formerly worked for a Russian Media firm and is attributed with assisting in Putin’s attempts to gain more likability in the United States. Hmm,

Russia has its fingerprints, palm prints and probably even footprints all over Trump. He has legitimate, inarguable business ties , which he attempted to hide. National Security has verified that the Russian government is actively seeking to influence our election and, miraculously, against every conceivable odd, Trump–Donald Trump– is the Republican Nominee. Remember, that is despite the fact that he was never really a Republican in the first place.

So, maybe this all seems a bit far-fetched. Maybe. But everything in this election cycle is. How is any of this normal? How do we have a presidential nominee who has a fraud case and a child rape case pending against them along with 71 other lawsuits sitting in court? We can see the Russian connections everywhere, which is the purpose of this article, to question: why Trump? The potential for war with Russia can likely happen no matter who wins the presidency. Russia can back us into that corner. The real stopper for that is if we have the ability to negotiate with China on our side. Putin is smart enough to know that China must, if not allied with them, remain a neutral party. Unless that avenue is secured, it will not be realistic to move into full scale hostilities. Can Clinton manage the diplomatic miracle of making China an ally against a potential conflict with Russia? Probably not, but she certainly fairs far better than pretty much anyone else.

Note, there is nothing here to believe. It is speculation. This is not so much a conspiracy theory as it represents taking a deeper look into what has happened, what is happening, what may have occurred and what it all means, cumulatively. I have no doubts that Putin’s actions mean something. He is far too methodical a person and leader for them not to. I want to open people to the possibilities which exist, which are not nearly as far fetched as they initially appear. But the point here is not absolute truth, it is about looking deeper and trying to understand what is at play. It is easy to claim our government sold out American workers to China, but you never take the time to consider what it was that they bought. Politics are filled with complicated subtleties and finesse, with skilled understandings of compromise and an acute knowledge of the tides of power and balance. Having an outsider to the political arena sounds like a good thing, but it is a bit like asking a baker to step in for a brain surgeon.

So why bring all this up? Why bring up potential possibilities? Because they matter. Because right or wrong how a person could cope with these scenarios is a realistic part of the job of the President of the United State, as is being able to imagine them and be prepared. The point is that there is so much happening and so much more to consider in every encounter than we, as civilians, can possible imagine. And trust me, I have an awesome imagination. A huge imagination. Seriously,  the biggest imagination you could possibly imagine. Sadly, however, everything I have mentioned is well within the realm of possibility, some within the realms of established facts, and others are plausible possibilities based on current knowledge. One thing is for certain, no president has ever had such a complicit love affair with a country who calls us their enemy as a Trump presidency would. No one has taken seat in the oval office with so much potential to be coerced or manipulated. Make no mistake. A man who can be coerced by blackmail and place the secrecy of his own misdeeds ahead of the security of his country is a traitor. I don’t know if Trump is a traitor or just a man stupid enough to be easily maneuvered and manipulated by a cunning foreign agency. Either sounds absolutely appalling.

Your vote matters. It could matter more than you know. It would be terrible to look back and wonder, “if only I had voted.”

Vote. It is your right and your civic duty, it is the basis of what keeps us free, it is the premise of our equality. I encourage you to vote to keep us free, to ensure equality and to secure our safety, not through fear and deference, but by strength an unity.

We are One Woman, One World.

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Someone In The Trump Campaign Is Feeding Russian Disinformation Propaganda To The Donald

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