Ovarian Legislation: The Underlying Agenda

And so the truth is revealed.

Misogynistic legislation, meant to control the bodies of women and their choices, is absolutely nothing more than exactly that: laws specifically designed to control women and force them into a Biblical servitude they neither want nor believe in. The “Pro-Life” hid behind the façade of something so simplistic it was difficult to fault them for their belief, or even their zealous fervor. I mean, no one wants to kill babies, right? To the average passerby, it seemed reasonable enough. Pro-choice also seemed reasonable, especially in light of many circumstances. The Pro-Life crowd painted horrific pictures of babies being slaughtered by the millions, women using abortion as birth control, murdering babies ready to be born. (In today’s world, we call that Fake News  or  Alternative Facts).

But despite the religious efforts of these zealots, people became more and more educated. Women’s rights advocates stood up and published the truth even though they were vilified for doing so. The term Feminist became a dirty, negative word to suggest women who would just not be reasonable and accept their place in society. Yet, they persisted, and thanks to them, the public became educated. Today, the right to choose is supported by more than seventy percent of the population in the United States. If you think this sealed the deal for women and reproductive rights, then you haven’t seen a news program, been on social media, been on the internet, or likely left your house in several years. The other less-than-thirty-percent are not only extra loud, they are in control of the government. Many people, who haven’t considered abortion to be a real political issue in decades because it seemed like settled law, voted for some of these people based on other concerns. These voters thought the “pro-birth” rhetoric was nothing more than that, just empty campaign promises to pull in the far right. They were wrong. They were also wrong about thinking the actual agenda is to save babies, because it isn’t.

The façade around the pro-life camp has been slipping for years. Decades, actually. They made no attempt to hide their religious ideology and, despite absolutely no support for their claims in the Bible, they liberally use odd passages to support a preconceived idea. Basically, they decided abortion was wrong first and then went looking for some religious text to support their conclusion. When they didn’t find it, (I am sure that was terribly disappointing) they used odd verses about God knowing them in the womb to support their idea. Many have actually told me that there weren’t abortions back then, so they would not be mentioned directly. I love that argument.

The truth, something I find these people have a difficult time digesting, is that if their Bible had intended abortion to be against God’s law, it would have stated so quite plainly. Why? Because almost every other religious text dating as far back as the ancient Sumerians addresses abortion. Yeah, it is that old. Now Sumer was around between about 5400-1750 BCE. The Egyptians also had laws regarding abortions. So did the Greeks and the Romans. Now, we should expect this because so many of these cultures believed in and worshipped fertility gods. Makes a lot of sense. But abortion was conspicuously left out of the Bible. Some would actually assert that this was to differentiate them from Pagans. It was also, quite noticeably, not addressed in the New Testament. In fact, the Bible bestows little to no value on both the unborn and the new born. This is understandable as infant mortality rates were quite tragic. But this is not the only flaw in the pro-life movement, not the only wrinkle in what would seem like a reasonable idea.

What distinguishes the pro-life movement as not actually being about the concern for unborn babies is their complete lack of compassion for a single, pregnant mother who cannot afford prenatal care, or a single mom who needs assistance to feed her child, or house that child. When compassion does not extend beyond the womb a great truth is revealed. The ideology is further degraded by their lack of support for social birth control efforts to prevent undesired pregnancies. It is a statistical, proven fact that social availability of birth control reduces abortion rates. But this is not supported by the exact same people who do not want women to have abortions. Hmmm?  In fact, now that these people have control in government, they are working tirelessly, and openly, to further RESTRICT the availability of birth control. The laws they seek to pass would mean tens of millions of women would not have health coverage for prescribed birth control. They are now openly claiming that birth control kills babies, as well, and hope to see it abolished. Think about that.  What does that mean?

Well, it means this was never about abortion. This was never about saving babies. And while abortion, itself, is not mentioned in the Bible, the religious text has no shortcomings on dictating the lack of sexual (or otherwise) freedom a woman is entitled to. This is about controlling half the population. This is about the patriarchy in the religious right maintaining a firm control to dictate what a woman is supposed to be, what a woman is supposed to do. This is about enforcing religious laws on the populace under the guise of saving babies. It is designed by conception to demonize anyone opposing it as a baby-killer. However, if this actually had anything to do with those babies, these same activists would be  lobbying for social programs to feed, house and clothe these children. They would be eager to provide support for pregnant women. But, instead, they don’t want the government to handle that. Those are issues which should be handled by charities so the population has a choice if they wish to participate or not. They want the government to dictate that women can’t have sex without accepting pregnancy as a probable outcome and force them to have children whether they wish to or not, but helping to support the ‘shameful’ pregnancies and the subsequent children should not be a burden to the taxpayers. They are not seeking to dictate the terms of birth, but women’s sexuality and the freedom of their bodies. It is not just taking away the choice of whether or not to have a child, but circumventing non-marital sex. When the healthcare  plan under consideration allows insurers to exclude maternity care for single women, based solely on the fact that they are not MARRIED, the absolute truth is revealed.

The pro-birth movement HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SAVING BABIES. It is a lie. They are lying to people to gain support based on the general idea that saving babies is a good thing. They are using unborn children in a most disgusting and deplorable way. They are demonizing the tragedies, heartache and difficulties of women led to make that decision by circumstances completely unique to each. They do this all for a greater purpose, to reign back in control over women and their sexuality; to bring women back under the thumbs of men and dictate the rules of sex in our civilization. Notice how they are not trying to regulate men or the actions of men, but according to congressmen and senators on the right, women only have two choices, to conceive or not conceive, to have sex or not have sex and, evidently, pregnancy is one of the only blessings of rape. Now, let that sink in.

This is the dangerous road we are on. We are on a path to hypocritical, Biblical tyranny. This is why we must fight and keep fighting. We all would like to see fewer abortions. That is a fact. The difference between us is that on the feminist side, we hope to achieve this through educating people about sex and how pregnancy actually happens and giving options which drastically decrease the likelihood of unplanned pregnancies. We also seek to provide options and help for those who choose to have their child and fully support that decision by ensuring prenatal care and child wellness programs. Yeah, we actually care about those babies and their life, not just their birth. We do not ridicule a single mother or shame her. We do not drive teenage girls to suicide or to butchers. We do not shame women for having sex .and we do not support taking away their rights to regulate their reproductive system. We do not place the sole responsibility of sex on women, nor make women responsible for the bad behavior of men. We do not discard a child or label it an unwanted burden on society because of his or her parentage or financial status. We never see any child as illegitimate. The pro-birth camp cannot claim any of those things. Interesting how they claim to be pro-life, isn’t it? But then again, they are no strangers to hypocrisy.

The seventy percent need to make sure they are heard, loud and clear, because it is far, far more than abortion at stake. They want to take away all of our rights to plan our own families by dictating legal sexual behavior, even in matrimony. They want to reign sex back in under their idea of god’s law. They want to subjugate women so that they aspire to be wives and mothers and helpers to their husbands instead of free, independent people challenging the patriarchal establishment in society. Don’t be fooled. Their true colors are blatantly revealed.

We are One Woman, One World.

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