The Beginning of the End? Trump Administration: Putin America First

After Trump has spent his first sixty days in office systematically dismantling our government and the various agencies designed to better serve our citizens and communities, is today the beginning of the end? Is there light ahead? This morning both the NSA and FBI are testifying before congress. The NSA confirmed and stood by their assessment of Russian cyber-assault interference in our election process. This is old news. However, Comey, the Director of the FBI, confirmed before congress an ongoing investigation both into the cyber interference by Russia and the potential collusion with Russia by the Trump Campaign. This is big news.

As details are still unfolding, I hope to report back on this with more information. The signs, at this point, are pointing toward impeachment, or resignation, with a giant question mark as to what will happen next. Mike Pence, being part of the Trump campaign, could also be considered complicit. Further, the entire election would be seen as invalidated.  Would we simply run down the list or file a lawsuit to hold a special election? There is truly no precedent for treason of this potential scale.

The good news is that this should hold off any serious appointments by Trump. Any person he seeks to place in positions of power must be treated with the highest of scrutiny. If the GOP want a reason for the Democrats to delay confirmation on SCOTUS, we can always use the Republican excuse for not confirming Obama’s nominee: we shouldn’t appoint a Supreme Court Justice when a new president will soon be taking office. That sounds fair to me. After all, the last thing we want is a Russian agent on our Supreme Court. At this point, we cannot take for granted that anyone in line with the Trump Administration is really putting America first. More like, Putin America first.

Continue the Resistance! We need answers. We deserve justice.

We are One Woman, One World

Ann Lavendar

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