Clean house or dirty house; it really is that simple, people.

Every day we wake up in this alternate parody of life. It is like we slipped across some unseen vortex where what is right and logical is completely flipped to embrace the insane and destructive. Our government has gone from leading the free world into the future to one of small ideas, unilaterally set to destroy ourselves. Literally, it is like Trump and his goons look at all the possible decisions they could make and methodically make decisions in the worst possible interest of our nation and the world. We could work diligently to provide healthcare to every US citizen, but instead, Trump and the GOP in charge want to kick 23 million off their insurance coverage and yank the safety net of Medicaid, Medicare, SSI, Food Assistance, and Social Security out from beneath the country’s feet. Instead of leading the world in renewable energy and cleaning the planet, Trump chose the opposite path, bucking our promises by leaving the Paris Accord and gutting our environmental agencies and protections. I really don’t get this last one or why the GOP is so dead set against moving to clean, renewable energy. It makes zero sense. It is like they just decided they wanted to be opposite of whatever the left wanted and dug in their heels. Seriously.

Okay, sure, they could take the extremely minority opinion of scientists that human pollution has no long term affect on the planet. Fine. You know what, for argument’s sake, for now, let’s just go with that. Their position is still ridiculous. Why? Because pollution does make people sick. And they can refer back to the many, many lawsuits against corporations for endangering the public as a reference. Polluted air increases asthma rates in children and lung disease in adults and elderly. It increases cancers and other illnesses, making it a significant factor in rising health costs. In fact, air pollution alone is responsible for over 200,000 premature deaths in the United States each year. An MIT study found that 56,000 people die each year just from car pollution. That is more than the number of people who die in car accidents each year. Throw in oil spills, gas leaks, pipeline ruptures, toxic dumping in the ground or water, and landfills. Imagine throwing a new robust coal industry into that mix. Without even looking at global warming, forgetting that climate change even exists, don’t we have enough common reason to pursue clean energy alternatives?

It really all boils down to whether you want to live in a clean house or a dirty house. Can we all, or at least most of us, agree that a clean house is better than a dirty one? Can you imagine dropping your child off with a baby sitter but when you walk in the house, it stinks and is smokey. The bathroom smells of sewage and there is dirty stagnant water in the bathtub and sink.  The floor is littered with garbage and unknown substances are spilled on the kitchen floor. All the household poisonous chemicals are sitting out with the caps off. Would you leave your child there? Would you feel your child is safe in that home?

But that is the environment you want to leave to your children. That is the messy home we have been diligently working to clean up, so that people don’t die from pollution. This is OUR HOME. You want to put America First? You want to Make America Great? Good for you. But you can’t be great living in filth. You don’t have to believe in global warming. You can keep right on denying climate change. But that is no excuse to deplore cleanliness. Both of my grandmothers were devout Christians. They were also both adamant that if you made a mess you cleaned it up. “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” I heard that my whole childhood.

So,  do you keep your house clean? Do you tell your children to clean their room? Would you pay them to make their room a devastating mess? Supporting clean, renewable energy and moving away from fuels which cause pollution is really a simple decision. Recycling is an easy decision. It is literally just whether you want to live in a clean house or a dirty house. Would you rather be clean or dirty? Do you want to be grungy and smell bad or clean and fresh? That easy. It isn’t about jobs, because as one thing becomes obsolete, a new kind of job will take its place. (Think telephones and how we used to depend on operators to connect every call.)

Get it? You can support being clean without ever having to bother yourself with global warming or climate change. There is common ground, even for those who just can’t bring themselves to accept science they don’t understand. It is okay. Most people are not scientists, they just accept what scientists concur upon. But I get it, you have trust issues. You don’t have to trust them. In fact, you can think the earth is flat and the sun orbits the earth, if you want.  I’m asking you to use your basic judgment. Clean house or dirty house? Can’t we just agree on a clean house? Please?

We are One Woman, One World.

Ann Lavendar Truong

Shout out to Anne Coffer, great friend and amazing colleague and author. She has a new book out, just released, that is fantastic, Edge of Ridiculous . I loved it! Get it! Read it! Then tell her how awesome she is! 

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