Terrorist in Chief

White Nationalists are terrorists. They are not a ‘political ideology.’  They promote hatred. They promote violence. They seek domination over other races. They cannot be compared to any other activists expressing their freedom of speech because they are not seeking freedom. They are not seeking equality. Their entire goal is to overthrow our government and replace it with literal white supremacy, where white men have dominion over all other races and women. They do not love our constitution. They do not believe in the freedoms the United States stands for. They want to rule over the “lesser” races and over women. Period. That is their mantra. And they are more than willing, as they have always been, to belittle, injure or kill and promote or incite violence against all those who oppose them. They degrade minority groups. They call white people who oppose them traitors to their race. They applaud actions which will promote fear in their advisories. They are fighting a treasonous war and hiding behind the concept of the first amendment and the second amendment to do it. But they should be protected by neither. Dissent of our government or its policies is perfectly acceptable. Bigotry is a personal choice, which vile and disgusting as it is, we cannot legislate those beliefs into a person’s brain, or out of it. But, that said, conspiring against our nation and its citizens, uniting in such ways as to promote violence and fear, that is not protected. That is terrorism. Their literal objective is to cause fear, discomfort or harm to segments of our population based on race, religion and gender. Their goal is the subjugation of others. Only terrorists act in this manner. Only terrorist or terrorist sympathisers refuse to publicly denounce and call this what it is.

Over this last weekend, there were terrorist actions perpetrated by white nationalists. One man ran his car into a crowd of counter-protesters, murdering a brave young woman, Heather Heyer. Two state police officers were also killed in the incident and nearly forty people injured. To put perspective on this, when a Muslim man drove a truck into crowds in France, no one had any difficulty labeling it a terrorist attack. We need a historical reminder that there have been dangerous white, male terrorists in the world far longer than Muslim extremists. However, that was not the only terrorist incident.

While his brothers-in-arms were marching and otherwise assaulting or murdering innocent people, Jerry Drake Varnell sought to carry out a plot to detonate a car bomb near the memorial for the men, women and children who were murdered by the Right Wing Terrorist (and hero to the alt right) Timothy McVeigh in 1995.

Thankfully, that plot was foiled because the FBI had someone on him and had made certain the bomb was disabled before Varnell could attempt to detonate it. Yet, that does not change the fact that he attempted a terrorist attack.

These are not single nutcases. While one may (or may not) act individually, they are also acting as a clan, as a sub culture where they promote, praise and encourage such actions. They want people afraid. They are terrorists.

And how does the President respond? By placing blame on all parties and refusing to call out these egregious men for what they are. Instead, Trump placates them, says there is blame on all sides, hate on all sides. But no. There isn’t blame to go around. No one is trying to subjugate these white men. No one is seeking dominion over them. They do not represent the majority, not even the majority of white men.

Donald Trump will not fully and completely denounce and criminalize these White Nationalists. Why? Maybe because he is the face of that movement. He is why they feel so safe to come out of the woodwork where they have been hiding. He is their president. Trump appointed one of their biggest spokesmen to his White House, Steve Bannon. He has incited violence, himself. By not specifically calling these terrorists out, he is giving them a nod of acceptance and it is too late now to be seen as anything else. Even if he, today, came out and condemned these radicals, it would only appear he did so out of political pressure.

Pair this with his desire to give a convicted criminal and racist a pardon for his racial crimes against citizens of this country and the redirection of the Justice Department to start investigating “white racism,” and you cannot help but notice, he is not only a traitor to our country (the bells of Russian collusion are still ringing in our ears) but he is a terrorist. He, by his power and consent and lack of action, is encouraging violence against our citizens and perpetuating the growth of terrorist organizations supporting him.

He is the Terrorist in Chief.

We are one Woman, One World.


Stay safe.


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