Take a better look…

This won’t be a long blog. It’s premise is to pose a question to those who seem to believe arming our educators is the best policy to remedy the violence we are seeing in our nation. I ask you, for just one moment, to take yourself outside of being an American. Step away from your pride, your nationalism, your self-assured superiority. Cast all your notions of allegiance and patriotism aside. Not forever, just for a moment, and look at this problem as if through a window into someone else’s life. Don’t place any consideration into your beliefs of guns or rights or anything. Just take a look at the solution proposed:

Equipping teachers with firearms in classrooms all over our country.

Think about that and what that actually means.

I’m not talking about  in relation to the ridiculous responsibility that teachers already are swamped under without adding this; not even that you think it could help stop these horrific crimes. No, think about what that means in reflection of who we are as a nation and as a people. Consider what state of unequivocal lawlessness we must achieve that placing guns in classrooms to ensure safety seems, somehow, reasonable.

This, even just considering it, shows a civilization in sharp decline, where our laws and methods are being abandoned in favor of mob mentality and vigilante justice.

We cannot be a free nation, or even a first world nation if we cannot even manage sending our children to school without teachers being armed. We are devolving rapidly. That is what this really means. It shows not only a massive loss of faith in all our systems, but an abandonment to all we have worked to achieve and every progress we have made as a civilization. While I agree our systems are not perfect and they all need drastic improvement to ensure that the true visions of equality and justice are served, this ideology makes no progress towards such ends. We do not fix our law enforcement system by simply throwing it away. We change it and improve it.

But what I see is a huge portion of the GOP and their supporters and the NRA would rather intentionally turn our schools into the worst visions of the Wild West than accept the fact that we need some basic, common sense, gun control laws. Laws do work. It is why we make them. Does a law stop all crime? No. But it does help prevent making it easy for criminals and thereby reduces crime.

Is this how we want to live? Is this who we want to be? Do we want to be a nation so afraid and so lawless that we send children to school under armed guards? Think about that. Do we want a loaded gun in a classroom of angry kids? Or in the hands of an angry teacher?  Do we want guns that accessible for rash decisions made in anger or hostility? Do we want to project to the world that we are so unsafe we arm our teachers to protect, and against, our own children?

So, look through the window. See us without political, social or patriotic prejudices. At what state of degradation and collapse of a society does this occur? What are we turning ourselves into?

Just think about it.

We are One Woman, One World.

Stay safe.


Be heard.

Never again.


16 thoughts on “Take a better look…”

  1. K have a higher per-capita rate of mass shootings, despite harsher gun regulation.   It is quite clear that legal gun ownership does not lead to gun homicide. Now, I can hear some of you saying, “we may not have an abnormal rate of gun violence, but we still need universal background checks. ”  Contrary to what you might hear, you cannot just walk into a Walmart and by a gun.   All federally licensed gun dealers must conduct a background check.   You cannot purchase a gun if you have a criminal history or if you have certain mental illnesses.   Since their inception, background checks have stopped nearly 3 million gun sales.

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