Morality of Sex is the agenda, not Sanctity of Life: further proof in the Kavanaugh ‘confidential’ documents

I have previously hit on the topic that Brett Kavanaugh was a poor choice for women’s rights. That was based overtly on what we already knew from public records. But what difference a day can make, right? I have fully reviewed the “confidential” emails released under protest by Cory Booker (and thank you, Senator, for putting the public ahead of sheer partisan cover-ups).

Now, can I just say, “Wow.”

The depth of this problem is so disturbing and it bleeds out into every marginalized group which exists. So much so, that I can literally just quote Kavanaugh as saying (or actually writing, because yes, he actually wrote this)

“The desire to remedy societal discrimination is not a compelling interest,”.

Yeah. He actually wrote that on April 23, 2002 within a text discussing the Office of Native American Affairs and then specifically Native Hawaiians.

Just a year and three days previous he penned an email against school funding to help minority communities and at-risk children receive after school reading programs. And his position there is even worse than it sounds.

He does not believe the government should have any involvement in anti-discrimination laws or fund any programs meant to undermine those practices in our society. He also doesn’t want the states, outside the influence of federal funding, to be allowed to have or fund educational programs which target reading improvement for at-risk minority children. So much for the federal government not telling states what they can and cannot do. The GOP is showing over and over again that States Rights really only applies so long as the state is doing what they want.

This is horrible. and we haven’t even gotten to the anti-women stuff yet.

Let me make this perfectly clear. There is no grey middle between discrimination and equality. There is a clear right and a clear wrong. There is no middle ground between Nazi/Alt Right/Racist, homophobic, misogynistic bigots and decent human beings. There, again, is a clear right and a clear wrong. Both of the wrongs here are leftovers from a not-so-pretty past and realities in the world we face today. But we, as a people, are the ones who can push the change in our society to denounce and ostracize those who seek to belittle or deny others the freedoms they have every right to enjoy. Brett Kavanaugh has no interest in the remedy to societal discrimination, as he so eloquently states the callousness of his true intent. However, this step-back of government involvement does not extend to religious entities, where he supports government funding of Christian entities, such as Teen Challenge, which use a faith-based approach to drug addiction. To be clear, Bretty Boy thinks it is perfectly okay to give federal money to a Christian organization so it can preach religious dogma to vulnerable children. Now, nothing against being Christian, and if you are already Christian or want to be Christian and utilize their service in that way, great, but it should not be government funded for them to preach to people and spread their doctrine. I would say it is especially egregious to do so to children suffering from addiction because both their physical and mental states make them very vulnerable to manipulation. Wouldn’t it be much more appropriate to get them sober and fit first so they can make informed decisions regarding their entire life? Just a thought. But I guess that last part is an argument for another day. Today is the problem that Brett is a-okay with tossing federal money at conservative Christian groups to help them promote their religion to vulnerable children under the guise of ‘helping them.’

This alone should disqualify anyone from holding a bench seat in our judicial system, period. But there is more, so much more that is, frankly, disturbing in ways I could not have imagined before. We had a small insight to what these emails subsequently revealed when he chose to refer to birth control contraception as ‘abortion inducing drugs.”

And no, he was not just referencing the morning after pill or medications specifically used to terminate an actual pregnancy. The morning after pill does not do that, just so you know.

This slip up was a definitive insight into the real strategy of the religious right (RR). In most instances, it is easy to paint a distinct line between right and wrong when it comes to discrimination. But the RR has spent considerable time and money promoting propaganda to try to muddy the waters around a woman’s choice and right to make decisions about her own body. They tried, with some success,  to paint a picture that would appeal to men and many women, playing on heartstrings, on our natural desire to protect children. They call it pro-life or Sanctity of Life. And just so you know, it is bullshit. Saving babies has never been their agenda. Nor has it ever been accomplished. The facts don’t lie. Evidence shows that contraceptive availability and sex education are the most dominant factors in reducing unwanted pregnancies and, subsequently, abortions. Their rhetoric is just a way to muddy the waters and try to appeal to people who have neither the time nor the desire (and until recently even the means) to dig deeper to see any underlying agenda. But it is there and has been creeping out more and more as the minority RR become more powerful and emboldened.

I’ve said it before and I will keep repeating it until there is a constitutional amendment protecting women’s rights to their own bodies, the GOP religious elite are not interested in saving babies, they want to control the morality of sex, and women, in our society. They want to inflict everyone else with their religious dogma (which so many of them do not even remotely abide by). And in the Kavanaugh emails, is further proof.

In these emails, Brett Kavanaugh becomes privy to and a conspirator in the task to persuade judicial nominees under then President G. W. Bush to participate in an:

“off-the-record, invitation-only, confidential summit meeting of leaders of about 50 different pro-life organizations.”

The “Life forum” goes on to state,

“You haven’t heard of the Forum because in its nearly 12 years of existence it has not appeared in print.”

Translation: Secret anti-woman society. But it gets more disturbing. Here is a rather scary quote tied up in the string of emails regarding their request to meet with two particular judicial nominees.

“This unofficial leaders group will be key in shaping the reaction to the President’s S. Ct. nominees and communicating in general on nominations in general.”

Now to really understand how bad that is, you have to take a look at the agenda this Christian Coalition sets out in their email request. It says,

“The group includes all the legitimate streams of the movement: educational, political and care ministries, and deals with life issues, ranging from abstinence to bioethics, all the way through what is usually considered “life”.

“Over the years, our agenda has had a recurring  item on the topic of judicial nominations. “

Did you catch that “bioethics” part. That’s where your contraceptive choices come in. They later go on,

“It is important that this group have a high level of confidence in the decision making process of the Administration.”

And it gets even better.

“I believe if the White House and the Department of Justice were to honor us with their presence, it would go a long way to building a good working relationship with this important part of the coalition.

“I would appreciate any influence you could bring to bear to speak to these gentlemen,” [referencing the two nominees] “or their deputies, to dispose them to look with favor on an invitation to the Life Forum on January 23.”

Brett Kavanaugh did not take a constitutional stand here. He did not cite separation of Church and State. He didn’t stand up for women or the law of the land. In the email string, it appears the only question is about who should attend and if deputies would be more advisable than the actual nominees.  This is a religious group with extreme views on women’s rights regarding every aspect of their reproductive decisions.  This email supports Kavanaugh’s sentiment regarding contraceptives being abortion inducing, because that is the position behind the word “bioethics”. That word can be and has also been used in the religious right’s fight against such advancements in reproductive sciences as en vitro fertilization. Many people may not recall the spit and fire rebellion of the religious right wanting the procedure banned or not approved by the FDA because they thought children conceived in such ways would be godless and born without souls. These are the same people. So, yeah, so much for the sanctity of life.

It has never been about life. It has always been about control, and more specifically, controlling sex in our society. This has implications which reach far, far beyond just women’s rights. Why do they want laws against homosexuality and gay marriage? Because it is sex they don’t approve of. Why did they try to deny birth certificates to the babies of unwed mothers with the specific purpose to prevent those children from ever being able to receive any type of government benefit? Because a child born out of wedlock is sex they don’t approve of. It certainly doesn’t adhere to the idea of sanctity of life. They did not care if the child starved. Why did they push initially in the Trumpcare agenda to remove women’s health from required coverage on insurance policies, such as mammograms? Nothing about saving lives there. In that same proposal, they moved to allow the denial of otherwise covered maternity care and childbirth IF THE MOTHER WAS UNMARRIED. How is that preserving the sanctity of life?

These are Kavanaugh’s bed partners. These are the people he represents instead of the more than 80% of US citizens who support a woman’s choice and right to decide when or if she wants to become a mother, or the private decision between a couple whether or not to start a family. These are the people who want to deny abortions for any reason, deny birth control, deny voluntary sterilization (just of women, though. I can’t find anything where they want to deny vasectomies to men, or prostate exams or even ED treatments like Viagra.) These are the people that want to overturn marriage equality. These are the people that want to allow LGBT discrimination.  Brett Kavanaugh said that Roe vs. Wade is not settled law and that the Supreme Court can revisit and override the previous rulings, and even stated that he thought that ruling was unconstitutional and outside the parameters of the court. Marriage Equality is only protected by a Supreme Court ruling, just like women’s reproductive rights, be them as they may.

You know, the Op Ed in the Times is great and all. It is good, I guess, to know that there are people trying to prevent our current POTUS from completely destroying the country with his impetuous nature and complete lack of responsibility for his actions, though if they really feel he is that unstable, the 25th amendment is the more patriotic and legal way to handle that. It is so difficult because I’m scared to death of what Trump might do without those constraints, but at the same time, it is a terrible precedent, especially when there is a viable alternative already set forth in our laws. I know the idea was to avoid a constitutional crisis, but instead, they have created one that is both larger and more damaging to the legitimacy of our government. But this appointment to the Supreme Court is equally as dangerous to the fabric of our nation. When they talk about ‘Make America Great Again,’ this is how they achieve their idea of that goal, -through stacking the Supreme Court with like-minded individuals-and it is back to a time when white men controlled everything. Contraceptives weren’t legal, abortion was illegal, being gay, period, was illegal, there were laws which even specified ‘deviant sex’ (such as oral and anal) as illegal behavior. Mixed marriages were illegal. Women were shunned as unwed mothers and their children were decried “illegitimate,” which is a term I truly despise. Racism was an accepted part of life and separate but equal was perfectly reasonable. With Kavanaugh believing discrimination isn’t important, women don’t deserve autonomy, poor minority districts shouldn’t receive extra funding to help children learn and succeed and his sentiments that Native Americans should not receive the considerations entitled to them by treaties, along with his outright failure to uphold the separation of Church and State, it is safe to call Brett Kavanaugh a like-minded individual to these secret society Life Forum members.

And this is all outside the most obvious reason for his nomination: that he suddenly has decided he doesn’t believe indictments or charges should be able to be brought on a sitting president, a sentiment he did not have concerning Bill Clinton. In fact, his views on Clinton were that he should be held accountable and face removal from office on the adultery scandal, alone, outside that of the perjury allegation. His written review rubber stamps four years of dictatorship where the POTUS can’t be held accountable for any atrocious action. Can you think of anything which encourages corruption more than making it illegal to hold every person in office accountable to the law?

If all this doesn’t scare you, it should.

I, on the other hand, am not scared. I’m terrified. With Kavanaugh confirmed, over the next year we could see a dramatic change in our lives with little recourse to fix it. The disaster of Trump’s legacy could haunt us for an entire generation or more.

Do what you can to resist this. This is not about party politics. This is about human decency and the rule of law. If you think it won’t affect you, you are terribly wrong.


We are One Woman, One World.

Call (202) 224-3121 to demand your Senator vote NO on Kavanaugh and YES to equality for all.

A vote against Brett Kavanaugh is a vote against discrimination.