If Women Don’t Have Autonomy, Then No One Does. Eat Those Apples

So, to all you pro-birthers out there that want to create religious laws that force women to carry pregnancies they do not want or are not healthy, I have an idea on evening that up. But let’s start with really explaining in depth the risks associated with pregnancy, so that there is no misunderstanding what denying a woman’s autonomy actually entails. Then we will get to exactly how that can affect men and women who would, otherwise, be unaffected by  anti-abortion legislation.

You see, every pregnancy comes with significant risks to the woman’s health, mental health, and life. Without fail, every single pregnancy. This is a basis for why it must be a choice, because she has to sacrifice herself, at least to some degree.

Pregnancy takes from the woman’s body to grow the embryo or fetus. It draws out the calcium, often depleting her bones, which later results in osteoporosis and is one reason why women are so much more likely to develop the debilitating condition. It pulls calcium from her teeth, which has a prolonged affect on the health and strength of her teeth, leading to dental problems she likely would never have had without pregnancy. It literally moves and changes the shape of her bones, painfully.

Pregnancy is marked with back pain that frequently persists and can even cause damage in the low back that never subsides, creating permanent pain and reduction of mobility. It puts pressure on other organs, which can be damaged. Most frequently damaged is the bladder. Pressure from pregnancy frequently causes the bladder to develop what is, essentially, a pocket or a little sack of sorts.

This is very common. It can happen in the first pregnancy, but likelihood increases with each subsequent one. The reason this is bad is because urine gets trapped in the pocket and grows bacteria, which results in infection. Over and over again. These infections, left untreated, can spread to the kidneys and cause pyelonephritis. And while I say “untreated,” that does not mean she ignores it. Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are treated with antibiotics, but any person treated too often will build a resistance to them, thus increasing their risk of a UTI spreading and becoming more dangerous.

Women also risk complications after childbirth of things like a prolapsed uterus. Poor, single, and lower middle class women are at greater risk of this because they are the ones without the kind of jobs which offer paid maternity leave. They are also less likely to receive adequate prenatal healthcare or warnings about their activity after birth. But even with those warnings, they need to work. They have to have income. So they return to activities that are too strenuous. I’ve worked ER and had to assist on a post-birth examination of a woman whose uterus prolapsed. She was 19.

Women’s bodies are contorted, stretched, their skin marred with scars that never go away. Their breasts suffer fibrocystic changes and scarring that can later put them at greater risk to develop breast cancers. Scar tissue increases the risk of cancer. Women frequently develop hernias and umbilical hernias after birth.

The medical ramifications of pregnancy do not end with a successful birth. Some disfigurement is permanent. Scarring is permanent. Many of the most common complications I have listed here are permanent. They result in lifelong medical conditions. Most of the issues I have listed here are common. In fact, more likely than not to occur.

And these things have not even addressed the shorter term complications of morning sickness, which is prevalent in more pregnancies than not. The headaches. The aches and pains from the bones softening and moving, making it difficult to sit or stand for long. It does not address the nutritional necessities of pregnancy, which force a woman to eat much more food, or the embryo will steal the nutrition directly from her own reserves, leaving her weak. Anemia is common. And not just during pregnancy, but also in the blood loss that comes during birth and afterwards. And then there are the risks of gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and other life-threatening conditions.

Most women towards the end of their pregnancy are forced to stop working. Many are placed on bed rest due to the stress the pregnancy causes on their bodies which can result in preterm labor. Adequate healthcare for these women requires weekly, or twice weekly, stress tests at their doctor’s office, frequent ultrasounds to determine the stress on the fetus, often medications to prevent preterm labor and frequently hospitalization.

Preeclampsia is very dangerous. It affects about 8% of pregnancies, which is far too many women to ignore as uncommon. That is 8 out of every 100, some more severe than others. It can kill a woman and the baby as her blood pressure increases to dangerous levels, her kidneys stop functioning properly, and she swells up with fluid retention. It is nearly impossible to control. It causes the uterus to become spongy. It most frequently results in preterm birth by emergency c-section. Yes. Many women face surgery as their only safe form of giving birth. I’ll get to that in a minute. Preeclampsia can cause permanent damage to a woman’s kidneys and uterus. Even the c-section is a serious risk because a spongy uterus bleeds too much and the bleeding is difficult to stop. Some women require blood transfusions as a result.

Many women are not able to have a vaginal birth. There are a multitude of reasons for this, like a tilted uterus. Complications, such as those listed above, are others. A breech fetus. As of 2018, 21% of births in the United States were by c-section. That is 21% of pregnancies with some form of complication which results in the necessity of surgery. That is not a small number. That is not a risk that can be shoved aside as uncommon. A c-section is performed because there is significant risk to the life of the mother, the baby or both from a vaginal birth. You really need to let that sink in. That is how dangerous pregnancy is, that more than one fifth of pregnancies are so unsafe that the woman cannot have a natural birth, but must have medical intervention and surgery, which always comes with its own risks, complications and permanent scarring inside and out.

The decision to have a child should never be taken lightly. In fact, it should be given the same weight as becoming a living organ donor. You are taking just as many, if not more, risks as donating a kidney to save someone else’s life. Choosing to become a mother is a beautiful thing that a woman does in self-sacrifice. She takes on all these potential complications, all these permanent repercussions, all these expenses which far outlast the term of the pregnancy and even the risks of future illnesses and conditions, and she does so willingly. As I have said before, she chooses to sacrifice to create a new life.

But if she does not want to take those risks, what then? What if she is not okay with risking her life or her body? What if she does not want to be permanently scarred and marred? What if she does not want to be responsible for a child or growing one? What if she doesn’t want to have to put school or her career or her dreams on hold? What if she knows she can’t afford quality prenatal care? The lower middle class are most affected by this because they make too much for medicaid and not enough to pay medical costs. What if she is alone? Pro-birthers say she can give the baby up for adoption, but that doesn’t get her through the pregnancy, does it? What if she is a minority group who knows her baby is more likely to end up in foster homes than with a loving, permanent family? What if she is in an abusive home? What if she was raped? What if its her uncle’s baby? Or her brother’s? What if she is only 11 years old? What if she is forty-five? What if she fights clinical depression and knows the consequences pregnancy can have? What if she just doesn’t want to have a baby or be pregnant?

Would you make that choice for her? Should the government tell a woman she must face these risks? Force her to make those sacrifices she does not want to make? If the government can invade a woman’s body, then it can invade anyone’s body. Remember that. If you suggest a woman must continue an unwanted pregnancy and supposedly save that child’s life at risk to her own, then why can’t the government take something from you against your will to save someone else’s life?


Why can’t they require you to donate your blood? It saves other people’s lives. Sure there may be some risk to you, but that is definitely much less than pregnancy. So are you good with the government taking your blood once or twice a month to make sure there is adequate supply for those who need it?

Notice I didn’t say donate. Donation is a choice to make that sacrifice. No, mandated taking of your blood.

And why stop there? You have an extra kidney. Why can’t the government take that if you are healthy? It would save someone else’s life. You don’t need it. Sure there is some risk, but not greater than pregnancy. You have the perfectly reasonable ability to save someone’s life! A life! A life every bit as important as a fetus!

In fact, that life may have others depending on it, or it could be a child. How selfish of you to not want to part with an extra kidney you don’t even need! And why? Because you are afraid of a little risk to your health?

Over three thousand people are added to the waiting list for a kidney donation every single month. A month! And you don’t think the government should do something about that? You know how expensive dialysis is and how many of these people are forced on Social Security Disability, Medicaid and Medicare? (Just think of the taxpayer money it would save!) You know they will eventually die a miserable, painful death without that kidney? So the government maybe should step in and start registering everyone’s blood type and health, mandate health check-ups that are kept in a government record for donor prospects. That way they can match up what is needed with who lives nearby that can satisfy that need.

What, you don’t think that is a good idea? You don’t want to be mandated by the government to give up a kidney or half a liver? Why? The risk to your life is lower than the risk in pregnancy. If a woman with nothing more than a glob of cells in her uterus is not entitled to autonomy, why should you be? Your refusal condemns someone more readily than her choice to not continue a pregnancy.

After all, that pregnancy she chooses to abort might not have even resulted in a person at all. Twenty percent of KNOWN pregnancies end in miscarriage before twenty weeks. The actual number is much higher because so many happen before the woman even realizes she is pregnant. But, at the point where she would have to choose to continue the pregnancy or not, there is a one in five chance the pregnancy would be lost anyway. The chance of saving someone with a kidney transplant is much better, but you don’t want the government to tell you to do that.


By the way, there are seventeen thousand people waiting right now for a liver transplant. There’s a good likelihood you are a match for at least one of them. Why is not your responsibility to save that life?

Oh yeah, you are selfish.

You want to mandate what people do who would make a different decision than you  regarding pregnancy or mandate risk to others that you cannot face. But if you are asked to face a similar risk and a similar invasion to your autonomy, then you would certainly balk at that. You would be quick to say they have no right to take your blood without your permission, let alone a kidney or half your liver!

But here is the thing: Taking away the autonomy of an individual is a slippery slope. You don’t get to pick and choose that it is okay to take this one group’s autonomy away, but not this other group of people. There is almost no risk to blood donation. So why not make it mandatory? What is your reason for not doing that? Because it is invasive and intrusive for the government to dictate your body?

Pro-birthers do not want their autonomy taken away. Making abortion illegal does not change their choice. Male or female, it doesn’t matter because these anti-women laws have zero impact on the choices they would make. Therefore, they sacrifice nothing. It doesn’t affect them. Their autonomy isn’t compromised in any viable way they can see. They just want others to make the same choices as they would and are willing to force them to do so. For the women, they can’t imagine not wanting a child. How short sighted and small minded they are!

And make no mistake, there is a reason these bills and new laws are not making exceptions for things like incest or rape. They have learned that if they make those exceptions, they have already lost the argument and the legal battle. They would have already conceded that the mental and emotional state of a woman, having been victimized, has greater importance than the potential life inside her. They call abortion murdering a baby. They would be saying that baby murder is okay sometimes, but not other times. This is why there are no exclusions, even though almost all conservatives are uncomfortable with the lack of exceptions.

If these people want so badly to take away the autonomy of others, then they should have to accept the loss of their own as well. For a woman who has no desire to be pregnant, forcing her to carry a child is no different than stripping a kidney out of her body by government mandate. Are you okay with government mandated taking of blood and organs? If not, then you aren’t really pro-life. You just want to control the decisions of others that you don’t agree with. But it isn’t about saving lives. You have the power to do that and don’t out of your own selfishness and fear. But your fear and your selfishness is okay. That is fine because you feel justified in it. You are self righteous.

But here is the thing, I don’t want anyone to lose their autonomy at all. I think our bodies belong to us and we should make the decisions about what happens to us. I don’t want to take away your autonomy or a woman’s right to choose when or if to become a mother. But if Roe vs. Wade is overturned, then our autonomy as women is already forfeit and I’ll be damned if we suffer that loss alone. I’ll be coming after yours and use your own laws against you.

Maybe you didn’t see that writing on the wall? Maybe you didn’t realize where it could lead? We can ride that slippery slope, starting with mandatory blood donation. The risk there is minuscule, especially compared to pregnancy. Then we can work our way up to skin grafts, kidneys and then portions of livers. How about stem cells and bone marrow? Yes, it might be painful, but so is childbirth. It might leave a scar, but so does pregnancy. If you are going to deny autonomy, it won’t stop just where you want it. And you will have set the legal precedent for the government’s invasion of your body. Karma is a real bitch sometimes.

And yes, it really does set a precedent to expound upon. When you make it law to revoke autonomy from an individual because you have placed a legal morality by mandate on that individual to accept physical and mental risks to their person for the sake of prolonging the life of what is perceived as someone else, then you have created a legal scenario which can be applied to a host of other possibilities aside from pregnancy and that apply to all people, not just women.

So, tell me, just what are you willing to sacrifice?

I vote for autonomy for all people, but, you know, if you can’t accept that, then it will be autonomy for no one instead. We will shove that cake down your throat. Are you willing to eat that poisoned apple you are trying to force on women and girls?

Go ahead, call me a bitch for threatening your autonomy. I’ll ride that wave of karma with a smile and wear that badge with pride. Oh, and I’ll save more lives than you in the process. You really want to go there? Let’s do it. See, I am a mother. I have a daughter who is scared to death right now because she lives in one of these states trying to take her autonomy away. If you are coming after her rights to her own body, make no mistake, this bitch of a mother will come after yours.

We are One Woman, One World.



Sacrificial Breeding Stock

What does it mean to be pregnant and carry a child and give birth? Sacrifice. Period. Women sacrifice their bodies, their health, their financial well-being, their careers, and potentially even their life. Every single pregnancy comes with the risk of death. Without exception. Period. Every pregnancy causes illness. Period. Without exception. Every pregnancy causes painful changes to a woman’s body, many of which are irreversible. Without exception. Every pregnancy causes a woman extreme pain and discomfort. Without exception. Every pregnancy subsists from the life of the woman, drawing nutrition and calcium from their bodies, depleting them. Every time. Without exception. Every childbirth is painful. Period. Sure, you can have procedures to help the pain, but those are expensive and also come with additional risks (atop the ones of childbirth, itself) of injury or death. A woman’s body is forever changed and scarred. Sacrifice. And the GOP wants to mandate that sacrifice. They are telling women they HAVE to risk their lives. The GOP is saying our lives are forfeit, meaningless, and unimportant. They are trying to sacrifice us to their gods. Yes. I’m saying it. They want to make us human sacrifices to their religious ideals, mandating in laws that have no basis in science or knowledge. They believe that once we are knocked up, we should be stripped of our rights, our autonomy, and our freedom. That is what these laws essentially do. They strip women of their freedom if they are pregnant, placing a higher importance on an embryo than on a living, breathing citizen. Like it or not, an unborn fetus or embryo or blasticyst is not a citizen. The constitution is quite clear on that. So, having a child demands a woman’s sacrifice. She has to give up many things and accept many consequences, many life changing and permanent even if she does not keep the child. So, is the United States now in the business of legislating a woman to sacrifice herself? Evidently so. Motherhood can be a wonderful thing for someone ready to meet that challenge. But only that woman knows if she is really willing to make those sacrifices. If you want to sacrifice yourself to have a child, that is wonderful and great, but it should always be a willing sacrifice. It should be done out of our love and care, not forced upon us against the threat of imprisonment or death. That isn’t making a sacrifice, that is being sacrificed.

The last few weeks have been difficult to digest. Women’s rights are under attack with the passage of crippling reproductive laws across the country. The GOP led initiative against women is showing its ugly head to be exactly what I’ve been telling you for a long time. Control. The “heartbeat” laws effectively ban abortion because a heart is one of the first things to develop, necessary for the embryo to grow. There is no nervous system or functional brain activity. No cognizance. No awareness. A heartbeat is easily detectable by ultrasound at six weeks, though not by stethoscope.

Now, for you idiots out there who have no understanding exactly what six weeks in pregnancy terms means, it does not mean a woman has been pregnant for six weeks, nor that the embryo is six weeks old. It means it has been six weeks since the first day of her last menstrual cycle. Now, a woman doesn’t get pregnant during her period, or at least that would be extremely uncommon. No, her period lasts anywhere from the average five to ten days. Then you have approximately one to two weeks until she ovulates. Then, only when there is an egg available, can she get pregnant. But she isn’t even pregnant yet! No, the egg fertilizes, then it has to travel down through the Fallopian tubes, during that process multiplying its cells, until it is then dumped in the uterus, where it can hang around for a while before either just passing on by or, finally, attaching to the uterus. So, at the least, three weeks, and as many as four, pass without her actually even being pregnant. Can’t detect that. Also, it takes at least a week for that pregnancy to become detectable at all. At the least, depending on the amount of hormone the woman’s body releases. Some women don’t produce as much and can still test negative on that pee stick at six or seven weeks. It would literally take an ultrasound to see the pregnancy any earlier than six weeks, and even then, it may not be large enough to be readily visible as anything more than a “maybe there is something there” and would be difficult to differentiate from a small cyst or fibroid. Basically, it would be a spot that could be anything. And how many women are going to be heading out for ultrasounds when they haven’t even missed a period yet? many women don’t even have very regular periods, how are they supposed to keep up with that? So the heartbeat law is not intended for anything but to effectively outlaw abortion, even to people who need one.

Most of these laws make little or no exceptions for rape, incest, or even health of the mother. And some laws are even taking it much further. They seek to outlaw the morning after pill, which is used to prevent getting pregnant from a sexual encounter. Those encounters might be consensual, many are not. They seek to ban birth control citing it as an abortion inducing drug. It isn’t. These laws are not based in science. They aren’t based in knowledge. They serve only the purpose to control women and demote them to breeding stock in a man’s dominated world. I told you they were coming after birth control as well. And they are. They want to control sex. Who can have it. When they can have it. Who they can have it with. Even how they have it. These laws are invasive to a ridiculous degree. They basically erase the ability for family planning. They believe sex should result in pregnancy, and if you don’t want to be pregnant, you should not have sex. Period. End of story. They want to regulate your sex life. They want to control women.

There are other interesting factors at play. For instance, birth rates in the U.S. are down for a fourth consecutive year, causing some to worry about the future of cheap labor. That’s right. If people are choosing to wait to have children until they are more financially stable, then they are more likely to have educated children who may not be content working for scraps to survive. We could have a shortage of low-wage workers. Even worse, fewer children born to poverty means less crime. That translates into fewer incarcerations. That would make it much more difficult to fill those for-profit prisons where they use inmate labor to employ their prison manufacturing facilities for pennies an hour. Slave labor.

Recently I was on a social media thread and saw something that really summed up this far right idea about women. The argument was over abortion rights, that a woman should have a choice what happens to her body. Then there was a very short response on it; short but truly telling.

“Well, some people believe there is a life inside that body.”

Of course, I had a poignant response to that, “There is a life inside that body. Hers.” But it doesn’t change the telling perception that once a woman becomes pregnant, she is no longer a person. Her life is forfeit. It doesn’t matter. If it doesn’t matter when she becomes pregnant, then it never really mattered at all. The GOP would have us believe that our value as women is in our ability to breed. They have no qualms, no guilt, whatsoever, in sentencing a child to this sentence after she has been raped or molested. They have no issue with sentencing a teenage girl to prison or death for murder because she made a single mistake and got pregnant, young and alone and scared to death. They have no issue taking birth control away from women who do not wish to be new mothers, or who cannot risk pregnancy due to their health. If they die, can the GOP be charged with murder? Can our government be charged? The states that allowed these inhumane laws? If a woman dies in childbirth, why is she the only one who sacrifices? Could a man who raped her be charged with murder? Should rape be attempted murder, since every pregnancy carries the risk of death?

No, they won’t do that. They won’t take responsibility for the death and pain they invoke. That’s for women to bear alone. We are just sacrificial breeding stock, after all. And this is made more evidenced by the new laws making filing rape charges more difficult, even punishing women with prison if, for any reason, her rapist is not convicted. Sexual assault is already difficult to prove and more often than not, victims never see justice. Look who is sitting on the Supreme Court for proof of that.

No, this has never been about saving babies. That is a fake rally cry to garner sympathy. This has always been about the subjugation of people, separating the classes, and keeping less desirables downtrodden and begging for scraps, willing to do any kind of job for any kind of pay, uneducated enough to feel grateful they have a job at all. This is why the GOP got rid of free college tuition. This is why they drove up the cost of healthcare. This is why their judges ask rape victims why they didn’t just close their legs. This is why rapists and child molesters get ridiculously light sentences. This is why they refused to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.

Women have no constitutional rights aside from voting We are not protected by the constitution. We are protected by a Supreme Court Decision. That decision can be changed by a new court. We are not free, let alone equal. Hell, the GOP doesn’t even see us as people. We are expendable and beneath them.

And, while I know the thought may be in the right place, boycotting sex won’t really fix this problem. The problem isn’t most men. It is a minority with a lot of power, and they do not want anything challenging that power. No, where they have to be hit is somewhere they will actually feel it. considering half these guys can’t get laid or their pricks wouldn’t work even if they could, the thought of a lot of other men being cut off would probably make them happy, having achieved their goal of an abstinence only birth control in society. They really would be controlling sex, then. No. We have to hit them in their wallets.

That could be done. Imagine just one day, one planned day that we, as women and supportive men, decided not to shop. One day where we didn’t buy anything. No online shopping. No grocery store shopping. Skip buying gas. Wait a day on that new outfit or coffee pot. But show up to work. Those businesses need to feel the pain of paying people without revenue. Yes, it would hurt a lot of people. But not permanently. It would likely come out in the wash. But what it would do is show our power. It would show our ability to have dynamic impact. It would be nice if some organizers could make something like this happen instead of more marches that may show a lot of people in the streets, but otherwise have not resulted in any change. They don’t care about our voices. They sure do want our money, though.

The majority, by large degree, support a woman’s right to choose. Even more support access to birth control and family planning. These laws do not reflect the desires of the people, not even in the states where are enacted. And even among those who do want heavier restrictions on abortions, the vast majority believe there should be exceptions for rape, incest, safety of the mother, etc.  One of the laws recently enacted makes it illegal for a woman to go to another state, where abortion is legal, to have an abortion. She can be charged with murder when she returns home. That is a far-reaching law which violates the jurisdiction of other states, literally attempting to prevent perfectly legal procedures being done in another state. They want to be able to charge women and doctors with murder for an abortion not even performed in their state, where neither the woman nor the doctor broke any laws. Think about that.

We have to fight these people who want to make us subhuman. Motherhood is a wonderful thing. I love my children more than my life, but I made that choice. I chose to sacrifice for them. I made the decision that I wanted children. It was not forced on me. I almost died in my last pregnancy. Very literally. But I made that choice. You cannot demand a person sacrifice their life. If our governments can demand we sacrifice our lives, livelihoods or health, then we are not free at all. We are oppressed. We have a gaudy imitation of the freedoms enjoyed by our male counterparts. We must demand the ERA be passed and ratified into the constitution. We cannot leave the semblance of freedom in the hands of courts. Court decisions are temporary, at best.

I will not be sacrificed to the GOP’s god. Nor will I allow my daughter to be either. Nor my nieces, sisters, cousins, friends and even the women who are so brainwashed they can’t see that oppression is wrong. I don’t care that they hate me. I’ll fight for their rights, anyway. Because, a woman’s right to choose is just that, a right of choice. And it is perfectly wonderful to choose to have a child. For those who make that choice, they have amazing joy. But for women who do not want a child, there is no joy or love. Just oppression if you take that choice away. Then they become breeding slaves of the government where their lives have less value than cattle.

But it is not just the women who do not wish to become mothers that will be affected. Every pregnant woman becomes a target. A miscarriage under most of these new laws could result in murder or manslaughter charges. This isn’t just what ‘could’ happen. It already is happening. These laws will result in women being afraid to go to the doctor early in their pregnancies, for fear of it being documented and losing the child, most especially in women who have had previous miscarriages. Early prenatal care is an absolute factor in lowering the rates of infant mortality and childbirth mortality. Having access to medical care, the proper vitamins, early detection of problems such as gestational diabetes and symptoms of preeclampsia are vital to saving both the lives of babies and women. But many, many pregnancies are lost in the first trimester for various reasons, including an inhospitable uterus, uterine fibroid, uterine and/or cervical cancers, illness such as the flu, food poisoning, and nonviable fetuses, as well as other complications from environmental toxins or things ingested prior to the mother’s knowledge of the pregnancy, such as alcohol, cigarette smoke, etc.  A spontaneous abortion can also be the result of a minor fall or injury or car accident.  The GOP wants to be able to charge women for murder if they can, in any way, warp the scenario into intent. Say the car accident was her fault. Maybe she got dizzy (pregnancy does that, you know) and accidentally rear ended someone. She could be easily charged with either reckless homicide or involuntary manslaughter. But if they are feeling especially evil, they will claim she did not really want the child and acted in such a way as to promote an abortion, basically using a car accident as cover for murder. Under that circumstance, she could spend life in prison or even face the death penalty. Not even to mention the legal and financial trauma… all while grieving her lost child. No. Women won’t be able to take that kind of risk, and as a result, they will not get the healthcare they need and increase their chances of losing either their child or their life. So even women who want their child will be impacted. No woman is safe.

And just wait until the suspicion starts hitting against women who don’t become pregnant. If they have outlawed birth control and abortion and a woman doesn’t get pregnant, don’t you think people will begin to suspect her? No woman, no little girl, will be safe. And by safe, I mean safe from our government.

This is oppression. It is meant to make women unable to pursue the same dreams and goals as men. Breeding stock. The more we are devalued, the less rights we will have. We have to say no. We have to fight this, even against our sisters so caught in their own traps they can’t see their prisons. We cannot make them use the freedom we fight for, but we also cannot allow them to take ours away. Are you willing to be the GOP’s sacrifice? Are you willing to sacrifice your daughter? Your granddaughter? Your sister? Your mother? Anyone?

Tell them, “Not today.”

Tell them, “Never.”

We are One Woman, One World

Ann Lavendar